Why Is Budgie Laying Eggs On Bottom Of Cage?

Why is your budgie laying eggs on bottom of cage?

It’s one of those peculiar situations that can quickly turn alarming. If you are thinking about keeping the eggs safe and healthy, it’s essential to understand what the budgie needs.

This is a tough spot to be in as a bird owner, but it’s also important to take action.

A budgie can lay eggs at the bottom of its cage for several reasons. It’s essential to learn more about what’s going on in your bird’s situation and then go from there.

This article is going to help answer the question, “Why is my budgie laying eggs on bottom of cage?” and what to do about it moving forward.

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Why Is Budgie Laying Eggs On Bottom Of Cage?

Improper Nesting Options

The most common reason for budgie laying eggs on bottom of cages has to do with nesting issues.

Birds are renowned for taking the time to develop a proper nesting area. This means if they don’t have the resources to do this, they are going to get nervous and may not enjoy the process as much as they organically would.

It becomes imperative for you to take this into account and help the budgie create a small nesting area inside the birdcage.

To do this, you should be buying a full-fledged nesting box such as the one listed above. It will yield great results and is going to allow the budgie an opportunity to lay its eggs peacefully.

Experts Say...
It’s recommended to set up a quality nesting box inside the cage to make it easier for your budgie.

Improper nesting areas are something that are easy to fix and will ensure your budgie doesn’t start laying eggs anywhere else.

It’s also important to make sure once a bit of money is spent on the nesting box to keep it as clean as possible. This is going to help over the long term and is going to ensure the quality of your nesting area doesn’t change.

There have been times when budgies may like the nesting box for a bit but then get frustrated as it becomes untidy.

Budgie Laying Eggs On Bottom Of Cage

Increased Anxiety or Fear

Anxiety is always an issue depending on what is going on around the birdcage.

A good example of this would be a part of the house where there is a lot of traffic. Budgies are known for needing privacy when it comes to nesting and that isn’t going to happen when there is someone around the cage all the time!

To avoid this, you should look to place the birdcage in a low-traffic part of the home.

If you are going to visit the cage during this period, it needs to be done respectfully. This means you will want to stay as quiet as possible and let the budgie decide whether or not it wants to interact with you.

Most budgies will be okay as long as you are not surprising them randomly.

When females are under pressure for one reason or another, it can lead to odd behavior including laying an egg at the bottom of a cage.

By having the birdcage in an unsafe or loud part of the house, you are going to end up with situations such as the ones described in this article.

A budgie laying eggs on the bottom of cages is something people don’t want to see, but it can happen from time to time. Simply take the opportunity to set it up in another part of the home, so the budgie can go through the nesting process easily.

Unstable Living Environment

The living environment has to be kept in mind when it comes to budgie laying eggs on bottom of cages.

A lot of bird owners will only look at the budgie and assume it is a health issue. Yes, these concerns do pop up from time to time, but in certain cases, it may have to do with the cage.

If the birdcage isn’t safe or large enough, this is going to have a tremendous impact on the budgie’s health and how it lays eggs.

Several reasons can appear when it pertains to a budgie laying eggs on bottom of cages. It’s important to understand these reasons and make sure you are fixing the problem before it worsens.

The reasons can include:

  • Fluctuating Temperatures
  • Too Many Noises During the Day
  • Reduced Space in the Cage

You will often see this issue when the wrong type of birdcage is being used or there are too many budgies inside one cage.

For example, does your budgie have enough room to move around? How many budgies are inside the cage? How many perches are set up inside the birdcage?

These are pertinent questions to ask, so you are not left with a situation like this.

There are also times with a budgie lays eggs on the bottom of cages because of the temperature. You have to make sure the room your birdcage is in will suffice for the budgie’s health. If not, they are going to start doing things like this from time to time!

Budgie Laying Eggs On Bottom Of Cage

Health Concerns

With a budgie laying eggs on the bottom of the cage, it may have to do with underlying health concerns. It’s important to understand these details to the best of your ability.

Is your budgie shivering all the time? Is it not flying around as it used to?

These can be signs of other issues that are plaguing the budgie and causing it to react differently than expected. Does it always mean there are going to be health issues? No, sometimes it is going to do with external factors, but the budgie’s health needs to be kept in mind.

The best way to do this is to speak to your vet right away and get the budgie checked out.

Experts Say...
Lingering health concerns can also be a reason for budgies to behave in this manner and start laying eggs at the bottom of a birdcage.

A complete diagnosis is going to help pinpoint what is going on and how to help the budgie. Plus, a bet is also going to point towards other factors that may be playing a role in your budgie behaving in this manner.

It’s important to realize this happens a lot and it’s essential to start taking proactive steps.

The best way to do this is to start with a nesting box and then focus on improving your budgie’s health. Whether this is physical or psychological is going to come down to what the vet has to say after a complete diagnosis.

Final Thoughts

Why is your budgie laying eggs on bottom of cage?

It comes down to figuring out whether it has to do with the environment inside its cage or whether it has something to do with external elements (i.e. noise).

If you are not taking the time to figure this out, you are going to continue seeing issues such as these crop up. Remember, this goes beyond the eggs and can also end up filtering into other parts of the budgie’s life if you’re not careful!

It’s recommended to buy a new nesting box for your budgie and set it up as soon as possible. This is a good starting point as you focus on other details such as the cage size and external elements.

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