Why Is Female Budgie Bullying Male? (And How To Stop It!)

Why is female budgie bullying male?

It’s a fascinating sight to see when two budgies fight. They are going to have short, but anger-filled fights that are going to be unfortunate to watch, but also intriguing at the same time. It’s essential to nip this type of action in the bud as soon as possible.

The only way to do this is to first understand what fighting entails between two budgies.

The signs can include:

  • Nipping at Each Other
  • Squeaking Loudly at the Male
  • Hitting the Male with Wing

Once you know the signs of fighting between two budgies, you will want to focus on the best solutions.

This article is going to figure out why is female budgie bullying a male budgie and how to stop this problem as soon as you can.

Best Perch for Cage with Two Budgies (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Prevue Hendryx Perch is ideal for budgies and will ensure they can remain apart throughout the day. This is a well-designed perch that is easy to set up, refined, and will offer t tremendous value when it’s time to separate the birds.

This perch is made out of 100% natural materials looks aesthetically pleasing, and is going to allow one of the birds to find a new perch without feeling left out.

By making a simple addition such as this, most of your worries are going to go away. It’s always best to look for multiple perches in a birdcage, especially if you don’t have one set up right now. This is a great addition and it will take care of the problem in most situations.

Why is Female Budgie Bullying Male?

The Perch is Too Small

This is the most common reason why the female budgie is bullying its partner.

In general, when a perch is too small, both budgies are going to fight over space. If one of the budgies (i.e. the female) is dominant, they are going to want to have the perch all to themselves. This is going to lead to a bit of aggression on her part.

If the perch is too small, it’s time to make adjustments and buy a new one. Any birdcage with multiple birds should have an equal amount of perches.

This allows the budgies to fly around inside the cage and even swap perches from time to time.

Experts Say...
When budgies have to start fighting over perches, this can lead to odd behavior and potential injuries.

Remember, these budgies are going to be seeing each other’s faces all the time. If you are not taking the opportunity to give them space, they are not going to stay calm.

Even a bird such as a budgie can start to act up.

It’s recommended to focus on what is going on and make sure you are as safe as possible. This is the only way to ensure you are not creating a situation that will turn hostile inside the cage.

The female budgie can hurt the male and cause a grave injury. Be diligent and act fast.

Female Budgie Bullying Male

Uncomfortable Living Conditions

Why is female budgie bullying male? What if it has to do with the living conditions?

This is a common reason that is also associated with needing multiple perches. If you are not taking the time to create a hospitable environment for the birds (inside and outside the cage) then they are going to start acting up.

A good example of this would be a birdcage that doesn’t have enough water or doesn’t include a separate birdbath. This may not work well for the budgies, especially if they want to have the water source around them.

The same goes for the room their cage is in not being properly regulated.

The female may not be enjoying the living conditions and is going to take it out on the male.

Focus on creating a hospitable environment by investing in bird accessories, perches, and regulating the air quality in your room.

You should also avoid putting the birdcage in an area that is filled with noise during the day.

This is uncomfortable for the budgies and may cause them to act out in some cases. It is better to think about your approach to something like this by making adjustments as soon as you can.

Jealousy Over You

Yes, this is possible and it is nothing to scoff at as a bird owner.

You are going to be an important part of the family for both budgies, which means giving attention to a specific bird is going to be noticed by the other.

In this case, you may be giving more attention to the male budgie unknowingly creating animosity between the two. This is a part of their socialization process and since you are a part of the flock, it is essential to share your time between them.

Signs this is happening include:

  • Fighting When You Are Around
  • Moving Closer to Your Direction
  • Looking at You While Fighting

A good way to do this is to only meet up with them together. This means not taking out one budgie at a time and instead working with them together.

If you are going to take out one of the budgies then take out the female one since she is acting up.

When you start to get rid of the jealousy, the budgie is going to be more than willing to calm down. You will start to notice the fighting is going to stop and eventually they are going to get better with each other throughout the day.

Yes, you may worry and ask, “Why is female budgie bullying male?” but sometimes it is as simple as not getting enough time with you!

Female Budgie Bullying Male

Ongoing Health Issues

This is rare, but it is still something to account for in a situation such as this.

Unfortunately, when a female budgie is dealing with underlying health issues, they may lead to unrelated issues involving their behavior. This can include having a completely different reaction to the male budgie’s presence.

They may also start taking out their irritation on you when held!

Experts Say...
In some cases, budgies will have underlying health issues that could be aggravated with contact from another budgie or even you.

To make sure this is not the case, you are recommended to speak to a vet right away.

This will shed light on what is going on and whether or not this is a behavioral issue. It’s always best to be in the clear medically before moving forward with the budgies.

Anyone asking “Why is female budgie bullying male?” should always account for health issues. These do tend to creep up and when the female budgie is feeling anxious or unsafe, they will begin to act out.

This makes it important to see what is going on and what you can do to help.

Final Thoughts

Why is female budgie bullying male?

It’s one of those unique questions that will arise at times. You are going to be left confused as to what is happening and why such a light-hearted and easy-going animal is badgering or fighting. However, it can happen from time to time.

By taking action, buying a new perch for the birdcage, and making sure you are balancing your time between both budgies, it’s possible to alleviate the tension.

It’s important to take action as soon as you can rather than letting things simmer.

By following the advice listed here, you will end up heading in the right direction and seeing good results too.

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