Do Budgies Like Music? (And Which Music to Play!)

Do budgies like music? Yes, budgies are known to interact with musical sounds and can be seen bobbing their heads depending on whether or not the sound is appealing to them.

While a budgie may not understand the concept of “music,” it does like soothing sounds that are peaceful to its ears whether it’s an instrumental sound or a classic pop song.

It’s imperative to use music in a budgie’s life from time to time because many do love the different sounds.

The benefits include:

  • Calms the Budgie
  • Increased Psychological Activity
  • Ideal for Interacting with Budgies

Take the time to see whether or not your budgie falls in love with music. If you are someone that is asking, “Do budgies like music?” it makes sense to start right away to see if it’s true.

This guide is going to take a look at answering the question, “Do budgies like music?” along with offering insights into how to use music around the budgie for maximum impact.

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Tips for Playing Music for Budgies

Tip #1: Play Gentle Music

The best place to start would be with gentle music.

A good example of this would be a soft instrumental song that is going to radiate throughout the room near the birdcage. You can play any type of classical instrument sound that isn’t going to have startling ups and downs throughout the song.

Any sharp noise isn’t going to do well with the budgie and the bird won’t want to hear it.

This is why it is better to start with gentle musical sounds and then work your way up from there. It’s always best to begin with simpler sounds and then see how things unfold.

Experts Say...
Gentle music is a good starting point when it comes to getting a budgie to enjoy what’s being played.

You may assume the budgie is going to like specific types of sounds when that is not always the case.

It is proven that each budgie is going to be unique in this regard. As a result, it is in your best interest to start with something soothing to the budgie and go from there.

The bird’s first experience with music needs to be an easygoing one. It’s the only way to feel confident in the process without having to worry about how the music is going to add value to the budgie’s life.

With gentle music, everything else is going to become easier for you.

Do Budgies Like Music

Tip #2: Try Different Music Types

A lot of bird owners get stuck with the same type of music and that’s not good for budgies.

Some are not going to like the first sound you play and it’s best to try different things to see what works. Sometimes, a budgie will fall in love with a sound that you didn’t expect it to!

This is normal and it is something that is only going to be found out with a bit of trial and error on your part. Don’t be afraid to mix things up as a way to see what works and what doesn’t.

Some budgies are going to like classical sounds while others are going to like pop music. Try different music types to see what works.

Once you gain a better understanding of what the budgie likes, you can start creating a separate playlist that can spread throughout the area during the day.

For the average bird owner, this is going to take at least a week to get right.

Go through different songs and pay attention to the budgie’s reaction. When a budgie is happy, moving around, and bobbing its head, you know the song is good.

You don’t want an agitated budgie on your hands and that can happen with noises that are too loud or abrasive.

Tip #3: Only Use a Speaker System

A good speaker system is the way to go and it is the only setup bird owners should be using for budgies.

The idea of taking a smaller system and placing it near the cage is dangerous. It isn’t going to be good for the bird’s ears and they may not be as receptive to the sounds. This is why it is better to gently flood the room with positive sounds.

The speaker system is going to come along with several benefits that are key when it comes to playing music for budgies.

The benefits include:

  • No Sharp Sounds
  • Sound Spreads Throughout the Area
  • Easier to Set Up

Start with this in mind and make sure you are doing things the right way.

Even when you do set up the speaker system near the birdcage, it’s best to keep it on the opposite end of the space. This will ensure the budgies aren’t startled as soon as the music starts playing.

Remember, if a budgie has a bad experience with any type of sound, it isn’t going to like it. This is a normal reaction, so you have to be diligent when it comes to preparing yourself in situations such as these.

Do Budgies Like Music

Tip #4: Play Music in Short Bursts

It’s common to ask questions like “Do budgies like music?” and that’s great, but it’s also important to understand how to go about playing the different sounds.

It’s not smart to start playing the same type of music for hours on end near the cage.

This is going to start bothering the budgies and they are not going to be as receptive to the sounds after a few minutes. As a result, it’s best to make sure you are playing the music in short bursts that are easier for the bird to enjoy.

Focus on this and the results are going to be on par with what you require.

It’s common for some budgies to get tired after 20-30 minutes of playing the same sounds. This is why it is best to start with a shorter duration such as 5-10 minutes to see how the budgies react.

If the budgies are receptive, you can increase the time by a bit or keep it the same since it’s already proven to be effective.

Experts Say...
Budgies can get overwhelmed when too much music is played in their surroundings.

The reason it makes sense to play music in short bursts is to ensure the sounds have a positive impact on your bird.

There is nothing worse than taking the time to play music to a budgie and then realizing it isn’t happy with what is going on.

A safer bet is to start with this in mind and then go from there. If adjustments have to be made while playing music to a budgie, you can do so on the go.

Final Thoughts

Do budgies like music?

Yes, budgies love the idea of soothing sounds being played in their surroundings. Just like humans, some are going to love one genre and others are going to like other genres.

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to the kind of music being played, which makes it important to test a little bit during the start. By testing things out a little bit, you are going to gain new insight into what works and what doesn’t.

In most cases, budgies are going to be receptive to the idea of music and will enjoy what is being played. It’s recommended to try unique sounds to see what works best for your bird.

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