Can Budgies Sleep With The TV On? (Answered!)

Keeping budgies in your home means having to consider all of the variables associated with having the birdcage set up indoors.

This includes specific noises and sights that are going to be present around the birdcage during the day.

One of those noises includes the TV. You will want to ask, can budgies sleep with the tv on?

Budgies can sleep with the TV on and start to adapt to specific sounds over time. It’s recommended to keep the volume down at night when budgies tend to sleep. If the TV is too loud, the budgie will wake up and get cranky.

A good option for situations such as these is to invest in a cover for the birdcage.

This will muffle some of the noise even if the TV is in the same room. However, the best solution is to keep the TV’s volume low if you are going to be watching it at night.

This article will take a look at tips on how to watch TV with budgies sleeping.

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Tips On How To Watch TV While Budgies Sleep

1. Keep The Volume Low

The best option is to keep the volume low on your TV.

The same applies to those who are listening to music from a radio or speaker set. Most issues surrounding budgies waking up due to noise comes from televisions.

Budgies do adapt to these sounds but there is a limit to what they can tolerate. Just like humans, it is not easy to sleep through loud noises that come from a TV.

You are welcome to use the TV as long as the volume is manageable and doesn’t start to thump around in the room.

This is when the birds are going to wake up and feel anxious.

Can budgies sleep with the tv on

2. Use a Cage Cover

A good option is to use the TV only when a cage cover is set up over the birdcage.

A birdcage can be protected from light and sound with the help of a cage cover. This is not going to be 100% protection but it will go a long way in muffling the noise coming from the TV.

It’s these little adjustments that go a long way if you want to watch TV in the same house as the budgies.

A cage cover works well because the TV is also going to produce light when it’s on. You can use a cage cover to offer additional protection.

3. Relocate the Birdcage

It is important to think about relocating the birdcage as that might be a valuable option for you heading into the future.

Just move the birdcage to a different room as that will help keep them asleep.

Most of the TV’s noise is going to get muffled when it is coming from another room. You can make things even better by keeping the volume low when the TV is on in that room.

If you move the birdcage at night, you won’t have too much trouble when it comes to a situation such as this.

Can budgies sleep with the tv on

4. Keep the TV in a Separate Room

Another option is to keep the TV in a separate room to create distance between the birdcage and where the sound is coming from.

This is similar to the idea of relocating the birdcage when it is time to watch TV at night.

Budgies can adapt to TV sounds but it is still better to maintain a distance between the two. This will ensure the budgies get a good night’s sleep and don’t get startled in the middle of their rest time.

You want to watch TV in a separate room whenever you get the chance to do so.

Final Thoughts

Can budgies sleep with the tv on?

Budgies can sleep with the TV on as long as the volume is low. It’s recommended to use a cage cover or relocate the birdcage before watching TV. This minimizes the risk of your budgies waking up or getting startled due to the noise.

Budgies will adapt over time but it is still better to maintain some distance between the TV and the birdcage.

It simply allows the budgies to sleep with the TV on while you can still watch what you want to. It’s a win-win option.

In the end, this is what matters the most if you want to watch TV with budgies in the same house.

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