5 Tips On How To Get A Budgie To Talk

The idea of a speaking budgie seems far-fetched but it’s possible with the right training strategy. By learning how to get a budgie to talk, you will be exposing your bird to a new skill set that would otherwise be ignored.

Your budgie is going to be skilled enough to pick up on these details as long as you’re patient.

Whether it’s getting them to understand specific words such as their name or to mimic certain words, it’s all about paying attention to the details.

Here’s a detailed set of tips on how to get a budgie to talk, which incentives to use, and how to make sure your training efforts are optimized for continued success.

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Tips On How To Get A Budgie To Talk

Use Bird Treats to Reward Your Budgie

Bird treats are a great option as you learn how to get a budgie to talk.

It’s important to note bird treats should only be used as a tool to train your budgie. Otherwise, you can start to get carried away and give out too many bird treats at once. This will cause the budgie to lose interest because of how easily the bird treats are coming to them!

It’s a serious issue bird owners go through during training sessions.

Stay focused on using bird treats when something positive is done by the budgie. This will show them progress is being made and it is worth trying because of the treats.

There are several advantages of using bird treats when it comes to training sessions.

These benefits include:

  • Increased Concentration from Your Bird
  • Improved State of Mind
  • Easier to Express Positivity During Training Sessions

Once you begin to understand these benefits, it becomes easier to start customizing the training sessions based on how your budgie responds.

Experts Say...
Incentives are always heralded as a way to train budgies to speak while making it as easy as possible.

A lot of budgies are going to take a bit of time to understand what’s going on.

In some cases, your budgie may not respond at all for a couple of weeks or months. This is normal and it is going to take time to build their confidence and get them to pay attention.

Budgies are known for being affectionate and do care about their owner, which means you will eventually get their attention.

Once you grab their attention, it’s time to start working on building a stronger bond. This can even include spending time with your budgie around the house as a way to get them used to your presence.

Spend 30-60 Minutes Speaking to Your Budgie

How long are you spending learning how to get a budgie to talk?

There is nothing worse than spending 10-15 minutes here and there with your budgie. They will want your attention and if that doesn’t happen, they’re going to do poorly during training sessions. It’s simply about building a better bond first.

If you are serious about getting your budgie to speak, it has to start here. You have to make sure to spend at least 30-60 minutes with them.

Why is this important?

The benefits include:

  • Increased Exposure to Your Voice
  • Improved Bond with You
  • Get Budgie Used to Different Words Naturally

If you are someone that isn’t spending a lot of time, it will begin to show during training sessions. The budgie will not pick up on words because they’re not hearing them enough.

Just like learning a language for humans, constant exposure to the words will make it easier for budgies to speak.

Your main priority while learning how to get a budgie to talk is to focus on exposure.

This means you want to sit down in front of a budgie and speak to them for 30-60 minutes. This is going to get them used to the sound of your voice and how you say different words. This is how a budgie begins to pick up new words.

Unfortunately, when you don’t speak enough around them, they are not going to pick up on these words and will ignore them as background noise.

Remember, you also have to make sure to speak DIRECTLY to the budgie. It’s not about being in the same room as them and filling it with noise!

They need to hear you speak directly at them as this will get them used to the different words. It’s not always easy for bird owners but this is a difficult skill to learn at the best of times.

How To Get A Budgie To Talk

Use a Higher Pitched Voice

Men with deeper voices are recommended to increase their pitch before speaking to a budgie.

Why is this important?

It’s going to have a multitude of benefits including being able to get through to your budgie quickly. The budgie is going to learn new words because the voice will be clearer at a higher pitch.

A lot of people with deeper voices don’t realize how muddled their words can be. It may seem natural to you or another human being, but the bird needs a crystal-clear voice to learn from.

This is why most women instructors do a lot better when teaching their budgies how to speak.

The benefits of a higher-pitched voice include:

  • Improved Pronunciation of Words
  • Easier for Budgies to Understand
  • Easier for Budgies to Mimic Specific Sounds

Since it’s not always possible to have a higher-pitched voice for training purposes, it’s recommended to increase your pitch and go from there. You can also close the distance between you and the budgie to make sure they can hear your pronunciations.

By doing this, you are going to have a far better chance of getting your budgie to speak clearly.

Start with the Budgie’s Name

When learning how to get a budgie to talk, it’s important to focus on what you are teaching.

It may seem like a good idea to go through a string of words but that rarely works. Your budgie isn’t going to naturally pick up sounds, so you have to start with something as simple as their name.

Why do names work so well?

Names tend to work well because the budgie already hears those “sounds” when being spoken to. Naturally, you are going to use their name more often when around the cage or in their presence. This makes it easier for them to mimic when given the opportunity.

Of course, you still have to go through the steps and make sure you are regularly repeating the name clearly.

A budgie’s name is always a good starting point because it’s the easiest for them to learn. They will eventually expand their words and pick up new words over time.

Experts Say...
Training any type of budgie with a higher-pitched voice has a significantly higher chance of success due to the voice’s clarity.

When you are training a budgie how to speak, you want to focus on making things easier on them during the initial training sessions.

You may not see results for weeks/months but that’s okay.

It’s all about progression and taking the time to understand what your budgie does or does not pick up.

With time, your budgie will learn how to speak and is going to start relaying specific words that you taught them. This is when you know progress has been made and they are going to have a far easier time trying new words.

How To Get A Budgie To Talk

Record Their Progress

A lot of bird owners don’t do this when their budgie starts to speak at home.

Being able to record or track a budgie’s progress is key. It’s going to allow you to see what’s working and what’s not over the course of the next few weeks/months.

As you learn how to get a budgie to talk, you will want to know when adjustments have to be made.

For example, let’s assume you start and the budgie doesn’t pay attention for a couple of days. You want to have this written down and/or recorded using a camera. It will allow you to see how they respond to the same cues.

Progress is going to come in steps, which means you have to record everything.

It’s not something you want to focus on using your memory. There are already too many things to go through as a bird owner for you to rely on your memory of previous sessions!

Final Thoughts

As you figure out how to get a budgie to talk, it’s important to have a plan in mind.

It’s not going to be easy at first nor is it supposed to be. You have to be patient, attentive, and willing to spend time with your pet bird throughout the process.

A lot of budgies are going to be stubborn during the learning process and that’s okay. It’s all about building a sustainable plan that is easy to follow and will yield good results eventually.

By following the steps listed here, you are going to be well on your way to a speaking budgie. It’s all about staying focused on what you are doing and building a good bond with your pet bird.

For those wanting to learn how to get a budgie to talk, start here and make sure you are willing to adjust along the way. Each budgie is unique and that has to be kept in mind when it is time to tailor your training sessions.

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