How To Train A Budgie To Come To You

Want to learn how to train a budgie to come to you?

This is one of those experiences all bird owners crave for.

You want to learn how to train a budgie to come to you while building a strong bond. This takes practice and it’s not going to happen overnight.

Consider going with a straightforward solution and continue to build towards something that will resonate with your budgie.

This detailed guide is going to demonstrate how to train a budgie to come to you.

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How To Train A Budgie To Come To You

Feed Your Budgie Daily

The first thing a bird owner needs to do is to begin feeding the budgie.

In general, the average person simply fills the food up and allows the budgie to eat as it pleases.

This may be okay at first, but isn’t going to cut it when you want to train the budgie. They will need to trust you and that is only going to happen when you hand-feed them every day.

This is all about building a certain amount of trust that is built upon their hunger.

If they are willing to approach you for food, they will start to make that connection naturally. They will know being around you means they can eat easily and not have to worry about anything.

This is just like any other animal and it is something you have to implement as a bird owner.

If you continue to fill up the food and leave it, the results won’t come. The budgie isn’t going to associate you with the food and that means it becomes impossible to build trust over time.

In most cases, you should be looking to at least feed your budgie once a day by hand. This will be a great way to build a good rapport with your budgie that lasts for a long time to come.

Speak to Your Budgie

How often do you speak to your budgie?

When it is time to speak to your budgie, you should make sure it is done quietly and gently. There is never a good reason to start screaming because that will startle the bird and kickstart its instincts to flee or hide.

This is the last thing you want when it is time to build trust!

Instead, you should start gently speaking to the budgie and simply getting it used to your voice.

This can be done when it is inside the cage or when you take it out during the day. It’s all about doing it at different times and creating that relationship that is linked by your voice.

Otherwise, you are never going to get through to the budgie.

As you continue to speak to your budgie, you will want to introduce specific words that are going to be used during training sessions. This can also include specific hand movements that will be required to train the budgie.

You want the bird to be aware of these movements and recognize them as being friendly.

How To Train A Budgie To Come To You

Open the Cage Often

One of the worst mistakes budgie owners make is to never open the cage.

If you leave the budgie inside all the time, it is not going to enjoy being around you. In fact, this is going to start building a negative association between you and being stuck in the cage!

This is why bird owners are recommended to let the budgie out in a closed room for a bit. Let them open their wings and fly around exploring the room they’re in. This is going to build their confidence and make it easier for them to rely on you.

While doing this, you can easily stay in the room and make it simpler for them to trust you.

Even if you simply sit to the side, it’s about making it easier for them to get used to your presence without a cage in the middle.

Over time, you are going to start to notice patterns as soon as the cage is opened, You will notice the budgie is going to start flying closer to you and will even be more than happy to sit on your hand or shoulder!

This is when you know things are heading in the right direction when it comes to training your budgie.

Gently Establish Physical Contact

After you have spent time hand-feeding the budgie and letting it fly around the room, you have to start establishing physical contact.

This is one of the more challenging steps for bird owners to initiate.

While it is easy to complete, you may feel apprehensive because it could lead to the budgie getting anxious.

In most cases, you want to let the budgie out of the cage and wait for it to come to you. This is going to be far better because it will initiate the contact and that is when you can start holding it freely.

If you force the contact, this may end up being perceived in the wrong way.

This is one of those mistakes bird owners make when they first try to handle a budgie. You have to be patient and realize the budgie has to feel comfortable in your presence. If you force the contact, it won’t work out well.

Let the budgie fly around for a few days or weeks and wait for the perfect opportunity. You want to gently rub its head and let it know you are on its side. This is when the budgie will start to open up to you.

How To Train A Budgie To Come To You

Use Treats

Have you taken the time to use treats for your budgie?

Using bird treats for a budgie can make a serious difference.

Budgies respond well to treats and you should look to invest in the right type as soon as you can. By using world-class bird treats, you are going to start to gain the bird’s trust and that is when training will become simpler.

There is nothing worse than trying to train your budgie without treats!

Invest in the best bird treats on the market and use them as a way to gain the budgie’s trust.

Final Thoughts

When you start to train your budgie, it’s going to become easier to teach new tricks as time goes on.

The initial experiences can be difficult and that’s natural. It’s okay to worry about not getting through to your budgie or not building a strong bond but those concerns eventually go away.

By following the tips mentioned here, you are going to find the process to be easier than first imagined.

Start now and watch as your budgie gets trained quickly!

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