Should I Pee On My Dog To Show Dominance?

Should I pee on my dog to show dominance?

Well, it’s an interesting concept isn’t it? The idea of walking up to your dog and urinating on it as a sign of dominance.

While it makes logical sense in your mind, it’s generally a myth and won’t work as intended. Dogs use urination as a way to assert dominance within a territory but this doesn’t include doing it to a pack member. Instead, it’s more focused on claiming an area.

Of course, dominance is essential when it comes to a relationship with your dog or things can spiral out of control rapidly.

The reasons include:

  • Controlling Dog’s Behavior
  • Establishing Territorial Advantage
  • Becoming a Pack Leader in the Dog’s Eyes

However, urinating on your dog isn’t the way to go!

This guide will help answering the question, “Should I pee on my dog to show dominance?” along with what is a good alternative that will yield the results you are after as a dog owner.

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Tips to Follow For Dominating Dog

Tip #1 – Use a Shock Collar

A shock collar is going to yield better results than peeing on your dog.

Shock collars are specifically designed to train a dog and ensure it’s behaving the right way. With the right usage, this can be one of the best tools at your disposal to regulate how the dog behaves without hurting it.

Dominance isn’t going to involve peeing on the dog or using aggression. It’s about being strategic and that’s where a high-quality dog collar goes a long way!

The benefits include:

  • Structured Control
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Response Time

For most dog owners, the issues are going to creep up when their dog doesn’t respond well to instructions and/or doesn’t behave around the house.

This is when the idea of dominance comes into the equation.

However, a shock collar for dogs is a great idea and one that is going to get the job done when used wisely.

Tip #2 – Don’t Follow the Dog

It’s essential to not follow the dog.

When you love a dog, you are going to want to keep it happy. This is wonderful, but there has to be a certain limit to what you are willing to do.

For example, you can’t keep giving the dog treats whenever it pouts and/or points at the cupboard. It’s essential to draw a line and maintain as much control as possible.

Dogs will pay attention to what you’re doing and will take over as a pack leader if you continue to follow their lead.

If the dog believes you are simply listening to everything that’s suggested, you are going to lose dominance in the relationship.

The dog needs to depend on you and it has to be aware of this dependency too.

Tip #3 – Be Willing to Say “No”

Are you ready to say no to your dog?

There are many situations where a dog owner wants to dominate but doesn’t realize the importance of simply rejecting what the dog is requesting.

This includes being willing to say no when the dog wants something that isn’t healthy.

Set clear boundaries with your dog and watch as it understands your dominance in the relationship.

Instead of asking, “Should I pee on my dog to show dominance?” it’s better to start with simpler changes that are going to yield good results.

When your dog realizes it’s not always going to get its way, you will see great results.

Tip #4 – Regularly Train Your Dog

How often are you training your dog?

Building dominance means letting the dog know when it’s right or wrong. You want to build that mindset where the dog looks toward you for instructions.

When dog owners don’t do this, the dog begins to pivot towards its natural habits and that is when you lose contorl in your home.

The benefits include:

  • Builds Natural Dominance Through Learning
  • Creates a Stronger Bond
  • Improves the Dog’s Quality of Life

Plus, you are going to improve your dog’s general behavior with the use of training. It is always nice to have a dog that is willing to respond to certain commands.

Keep this in mind and continue to work on building good habit with your dog through training sessions.

Final Thoughts

Should I pee on my dog to show dominance?

This is one of those ideas that are best left untouched. You are not going to see the results that you are craving and it’s going to leave quite a mess too!

It’s essential to understand the psyche of a dog, especially when it comes to you and your relationship with it. A lot of dog owners will try to get creative when it comes to this process and ask questions such as “Should I pee on my dog to show dominance?” when it’s better to stick to simpler tactics.

Whether this includes training the dog rigorously or making sure you are using a well-rated shock collar, the goal is to focus on other means.

Peeing on your dog to dominate won’t work and it isn’t worth your time.

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