My Dog Only Eats Once A Day! (And What To Do Next!)

What happens if my dog only eats once a day?

It’s a situation that’s common for dog owners, especially with a new dog that has just entered the home.

If you are worried about the dog not eating at least twice a day, it’s recommended to find out more about the root cause. This will shed light on what’s going wrong and how to correct it.

The reasons can include:

  • Disliking the Dog Food
  • Eating Harmful Stuff Away From You
  • Feeling Sick

In most cases, a dog is going to have a specific reason for only eating once a day. Sometimes, it’s going to involve multiple reasons, but it’s essential to not put off making a change for too long. This can become a serious matter if changes aren’t made.

Here is a complete look at figuring out what happens if you are saying, “My dog only eats once a day!” and how to make sure to change your dog’s eating schedule within a 24-hour cycle.

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Tips to Follow If My Dog Only Eats Once a Day

Tip #1 – Change the Dog Food

This is a simple change but it is a good one.

Just look towards another high-quality dog food brand that is going to work well with your dog’s taste. By doing this, you are going to notice a change in the dog’s behavior towards food.

The benefits include:

  • Improved Quality
  • Keeps the Dog Happy
  • Can Increase Intake of Different Types of Nutrients

Sometimes, the dog just doesn’t like eating what you are putting in front of it.

This is unfortunate but it does depend on specific preferences the dog may have. Don’t be afraid to play around with different types of dog foods to see what the dog prefers.

Sometimes, this is enough to win over the dog and keep it happy when it comes to eating multiple times per day.

My Dog Only Eats Once A Day

Tip #2 – Reduce the Portions

The portions could be a problem.

If you are stuffing the dog food bowl to the top, it might be a lot more than the dog needs per portion. As a result, it will simply empty the food bowl in one go and feel stuffed.

This is unhealthy and is going to make the dog lethargic, especially if it isn’t getting enough exercise.

Sometimes larger portions can fill a dog and make it tired causing odd eating habits.

As a result, if you are saying, “my dog only eats once a day,” it’s time to look towards cutting down on the portions to the best of your ability.

This will allow the dog to eat well but at different times of the day.

This will make it easier on the dog’s digestive system and let it function the way it should.

Tip #3 – Increase Physical Activity

How much physical activity is your dog getting throughout the day?

A lot of dogs will simply not want to eat because they are stuffed and aren’t using enough energy. This means they are not burning off calories.

This is one of the reasons dogs prefer eating once because their body doesn’t tell them to seek food again until the next day.

A lazy dog will have a lot of pent-up energy and won’t burn enough calories to want to eat throughout the day.

To break this habit, it’s recommended to increase how much a dog exercises during the day.

You will want to start adding 10-15 minutes to their walks as a way to get them to eat more. Eventually, the dog will want to eat to replenish itself.

This is key if you are worried the dog is only eating once per day.

My Dog Only Eats Once A Day

Tip #4 – Speak to a Vet

It’s also essential to realize health-related concerns are a possibility when saying “my dog only eats once a day!”

A lot of dog owners don’t realize when their dog’s digestive system is getting in the way of their eating habits. A good way to check this particular concern out is by analyzing whether or not the dog has suddenly changed its eating schedule.

If so, you will know it hasn’t happened randomly and most likely has to do with health-related trouble.

As a result, you will want to speak to a qualified vet as soon as possibile.

The benefits include:

  • Learn More About the Dog’s Health
  • Make Immediate Changes
  • Focuses on Long-Term Health

The vet is going to visibly assess the dog’s health, run x-rays, and make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to.

A dog’s health is essential and can lead to several behavioral changes including eating once a day.

This is why it’s important to dig deeper and make sure your dog’s health is the way it should be.

Final Thoughts

My dog only eats once a day!

It’s a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are going to have a malnourished dog on your hands that isn’t getting enough calories or nutrients. To avoid a situation such as this, you will want to focus on making immediate changes.

What can be done in a situation such as this?

You will want to look at the tips cited in this article and continue to focus on reworking how your dog eats throughout the day.

Will it be easy to implement such a change? No, it’s going to take time, especially if the underlying cause has to do with the dog’s health.

Look to focus on working with your dog and seeing what works or doesn’t work. This will allow you to continue to refine the dog’s eating habits and eventually perfect it.

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