Potty Training a Puppy in a High Rise Apartment (And Which Solution is Right For Your Dog!)

Bringing a beautiful puppy into your life is exciting, heartwarming, and unique. Each experience brings something different to your life and that’s why a new puppy is a refreshing addition to anyone’s life. However, what happens when it is time to start potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment?

It’s not easy to start potty training a puppy in your apartment.

This is why it’s important to do your research, understand how to start potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment and then make immediate changes.

This comprehensive guide is going to take a look at how to start potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment, what the best potty training pads for puppies are, and how to make sure your puppy is potty trained quickly.

Best Potty Training Pads for Puppies (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The AmazonBasics Dog and Puppy Potty Training Pads are perfect when it comes to living in an apartment and wanting to potty train your dog. These heavy-duty pads are well-made, easy to set up, and are going to help regulate the puppy’s bathroom breaks.

These potty training pads for puppies come in various sizes, remain leak-proof, and are super-absorbent making them an ideal fit for dog owners. You can set up these pads around the apartment and start training your dog to relieve themselves there.

It’s safe, easy to manage, and will ensure the odor doesn’t spread throughout your apartment.

Tips for Potty Training a Puppy in a High Rise Apartment

Use Potty Training Pads

When you are trying to teach a puppy to train on potty training pads, it’s important to use the right ones.

The best potty training pads for young dogs will yield amazing results!

The premise is to create a “safe” spot inside the high rise apartment. This is a spot your puppy can rush to when it has to relieve itself during the day. After a while, your puppy is going to realize this is the only place in the apartment that it can poo or pee.

While most dogs are going to wait until it is time to go for a walk, you still have to prepare for random occurrences during the day. Otherwise, there are going to be regular messes around the apartment causing an unrelenting odor to spread from one room to the next.

Potty training pads for dogs are heralded for delivering amazing results and making it easy to keep your high rise apartment clean year-round.

Be smart when it comes to potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment.

This is the only way to make sure you are keeping the puppy safe without compromising the cleanliness of your apartment. Plus, no one wants to have to walk around the apartment looking for messes!

The idea of investing in potty training pads for puppies is to keep the mess in one place. These pads are designed to handle the fecal matter and won’t create issues when it comes to the stench.

Potty Training a Puppy in a High Rise Apartment

Walk at a Set Time Each Day

Walking is an essential part of any dog’s life, especially when they reside in a small apartment.

If you are going to take them for 30-minute or longer walks during the day, it is time to create a proper schedule.

The premise is to make it a routine, so your dog knows when to relieve itself. If you take them on a walk, it will become easier to drill this idea into their head early on. Puppies will start to pick up on this schedule and that is a lot easier to manage on your end.

Create a schedule on day one and follow it every day. This will ensure the dog realizes this is not only a time to walk but relieve itself outdoors.

Some dog owners appreciate the importance of walking their puppy for potty training but don’t set a proper schedule. This means the dog doesn’t know when it can relieve itself and there is no rhyme or reason to what is happening.

Instead, you should look to walk the dog early on in the day at the same time. This can be something as simple as taking your dog for a walk before heading off to school/work.

Create patterns when you are learning more about potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment. If you do this the right way, the puppy is going to pick up on your cues quickly.

Create a Consistent Feeding Schedule

It’s smart to start creating a feeding schedule for your dog.

The reason is simple enough. You want to make sure the dog is relieving itself at a set time each day and that only happens when they are eating on schedule. Otherwise, their bowel movements are going to happen at odd times of the day.

While you can set up good potty training pads for dogs, it’s still important to regulate their patterns as much as possible.

Take your time to look at how much the puppy is eating and when they are eating. This is going to make it ten times easier to regulate when they are pooing or peeing.

If you don’t have a regular feeding schedule for the dog (with regular portions!) the results are going to be all over the place. This is what can lead to concerning results as you are potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment.

The focus has to be to standardize what the puppy has to deal with. This can improve their quality of life and make it easier for them to stay consistent.

Walk to the Same Spot Every Day

Let’s imagine you have set up a regular walking schedule and go for 30-minute strolls early in the morning.

This is wonderful, but are you walking to the same spot every day?

A lot of dog owners will take their dogs for a walk for potty training purposes but don’t go to the same spot. This causes the dog to get confused and it doesn’t create that all-important pattern you have to integrate into your puppy’s life early on.

Experts Say...
Dogs easily get used to specific patterns, which makes it important to walk them to the same spot during the day. This makes it easier for them to poo and/or pee outside.

The goal should be to create a simple route that is the same each day.

By having the same route, it is going to become easier for your dog to know when to relieve itself. It will almost become second-nature for the dog and they will realize when to go. However, if you change things up all the time, this is going to throw their routine out of order immediately!

Your focus has to be to standardize each detail and that includes where you are walking. Even a slight change in your route is going to hamper your ability to potty train a puppy.

Remember, getting them to poo during a walk is essential as someone that lives in an apartment. As a result, you have to be hyper-focused on this aspect of your routine!

Potty Training a Puppy in a High Rise Apartment

Create a Dog-Friendly Potty Area

Is there a dog-friendly area in the apartment?

This is a mistake dog owners make when living in a high rise apartment. You have to take the time to set up a dog-friendly area inside the apartment, so your dog knows where to go when it is time to poo and/or pee.

If there is no such area, your dog is going to start becoming increasingly volatile and confused. They may learn not to poo or pee around the house, but there still has to be a spot for them to go during the day.

It’s far easier to regulate a dog’s bathroom breaks by making the potty training pads readily available in the apartment.

It’s highly recommended to start using potty training pads in an apartment. These pads will be easy to set up and are going to be left in one part of the apartment.

As a result, your dog can quickly run up to one of these pads and relieve themselves.

If you help make this area a safe spot inside the apartment, it is a lot easier to get the dog to go through. Otherwise, they become apprehensive, especially if it is in a secluded part of the apartment and is messy.

Final Thoughts

When it is time to start potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment, you want to take your time and go through each step methodically.

It’s similar to do your research when introducing a new dog harness, purchasing a quality dog food bowl, investing in a purposeful set of dog treats, or finding a great paw balm for puppies. You have to do your due diligence and implement strategies that will make potty training your puppy easier.

Look at these tips on potty training a young dog and get started towards creating a cleaner, safer environment.

By investing in high-quality potty training pads for dogs and creating a set schedule, you are going to see impressive results within days. Puppies learn quickly and it’s all about putting your head down and getting to work as a dog owner.

When done the right way, you are going to realize how easy it is to start potty training a puppy in a high rise apartment!