Tips On How To Get Cat To Stop Hissing At Dog

Is your cat hissing and growling at your dog? If so, it’s time to read through this guide on “How to get cat to stop hissing at dog.”

It’s all about understanding the root cause of the hissing.

Each cat is unique, but there is a distinct reason for why cats behave like they do. In most cases a cat is going to be fearful of its surroundings and/or another pet.

The reasons can include:

  • Protecting Its Territory
  • Feeling Defensive Against a Playful/Aggressive Dog
  • Feeling Anxious About a New Place

These are just some of the factors that can play a role in your cat hissing at dogs.

To learn how to get cat to stop hissing at dogs, it’s time to focus on how to remove their anxiety. This guide will break down what works and how to implement it the right way at home.

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How To Get Cat To Stop Hissing At Dog

Create a Separate Space for Your Cat at Home

Your cat may be hissing because it is feeling vulnerable and/or out of place.

This is a natural reaction and cats will often assert themselves to warn dogs and/or humans. This means it’s time to read that reaction and make sure appropriate actions are taken right away.

A good place to start is by providing your cat with a separate place to sleep at night. A good-quality cat bed is going to make it easier for your cat to rest without having to worry about the dog.

It’s also smart to make sure they are sleeping in separate rooms in the beginning. It will make sure both your cat and dog feel comfortable during the night.

The goal is to make sure your cat has peace of mind. When they are comfortable, they are less likely to lash out at others inside the house whether it is you or the dog.

The benefits of a new cat bed include:

  • Comfortable Resting Spot for Your Cat
  • A Good “Safe” Area for Cat To Run To
  • Specifically Designed for Cats

These advantages are going to be the reason you go down this path in the first place. Why not take advantage of a new cat bed and give your cat a nice spot at home to rest in?

How To Get Cat To Stop Hissing At Dog

Start with Shorter Sessions Together

As you figure out how to get cat to stop hissing at dogs, it comes down to focusing on shorter sessions.

This means they are not going to be spending hours together.

Instead, you are going to reduce how much time is spent and then gradually go from there. This will allow you to gauge how bad the situation is and what causes your cat to growl or hiss at the dog.

A good 5-10 minute session might be enough for them to get used to each other. It can be a great starting point as they understand each other and begin to get use to the scent.

The benefits of a shorter session include:

  • Builds a Stronger Bond
  • Reduces the Cat’s Anxiety
  • Helps Keep an Eye On Both Pets Without Getting Tired

These benefits are an essential depiction of what cat owners have to think about at home. Otherwise, you are going to have a situation where the cat is always hissing at your dog!

The first few days require both cats and dogs to get a feel for everything. This is why a shorter session goes a long way in helping create a stronger bond.

How long should you stick to 5-10 minute sessions where both can be in the same room?

You will have to figure out how both do during these sessions. If they are okay with each other, it’s okay to start increasing these sessions.

Over time, you are going to want them to be okay with being in the same room for hours.

Make the Cat Feel Comfortable

Is your cat comfortable at home?

This is imperative as you learn how to get cat to stop hissing at dogs. If the cat isn’t comfortable in the environment, they are going to have their defenses up all the way. It’s a natural reaction that is a part of their DNA.

This is why you have to put in the time to make them feel good.

This can be done by:

  • Giving Your Cat Good Food
  • Investing in a Quality Cat Bed
  • Petting Your Cat Often

Unfortunately, a lot of cat owners never make their pet feel comfortable and then wonder why the hissing continues for years!

Experts Say...
Cat owners have a huge responsibility in making their cat feel comfortable, which in turn has a positive effect on their bond with a dog.

If the cat starts getting used to your touch, they are going to have a far easier time adjusting to the dog as well.

However, you have to remember, this isn’t going to happen overnight. There will be a few weeks/months where this is going to continue as it is.

The goal is not to panic and make sure you are continually working on keeping the cat cozy at home.

How To Get Cat To Stop Hissing At Dog

Separate Where They Eat

Cats are known for being protective of what they eat.

In fact, this is also seen in dogs, which is why it’s better to separate them during eating sessions. If you don’t do this, they are more than likely to go at each other when the bond is already weak.

It’s your responsibility to make sure they are eating in separate parts of the house. By doing this, it will be easier for them to eat without having to hiss/growl at each other.

You have to realize, a cat is only going to react when it feels threatened. This is a natural reaction that is also seen in the wild. If they feel like someone is going to get at their meal, they will hiss as a warning to move away.

If your dog doesn’t pick up on this warning, they could be in for a surprise attack.

By separating their food bowls, you are going to have a far easier chance of stopping your cat from growling at the dog.

Use Their Scented Blankets

Cats will often react based on a dog’s scent.

This means you want to leverage the dog’s scent when the cat is eating and/or resting. The idea is to get them used to the dog’s scent, so they realize it is non-threatening. Once this connection is made, they are likely going to ignore the dog entirely!

Your cat is likely hissing at the dog because it feels threatened.

This is why you have to take the time to make the cat feel comfortable. Using the dog’s scent is a simple trick that will let you gauge how bad things are. If the cat gets used to the scent, it won’t have a trouble mingling with the dog.

It’s little things such as this that can help strengthen the bond between your pets. Otherwise, your cat will never get used to the scent and will always assume the dog is a threat to its territory.

In a lot of situations, you are going to have use this simple trick for at least a month or so. After a while, the cat is going to get used to the scent and will enjoy spending its time with the dog during play sessions.

Final Thoughts

This is how to get cat to stop hissing at dogs.

There is no reason to assume your cat will get better on its own. There has to be some sort of plan in place to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for both your dog and cat.

The tips listed here are a wonderful starting point and will help your cat feel comfortable with dogs. Otherwise, the hissing and growling will continue forever!

Once you have a plan in mind, it will become easier to remain consistent. After a while, your cat is going to stop growling at your dog.

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