Stray Dog Begs Man To Save Her Puppies

Being a stray dog is a challenging reality many face around the world.

This story is of a particular stray dog that was seen around a local park for months. The dog would come up to the man when he would walk and ask for food. The man would oblige because he had built a nice bond with the dog.

Over time, the dog started to appreciate the food and would always show up knowing the man would be there around that time.

This helped them develop a bond, but the man was still unsure about where the dog would go or where she lived.

This changed one day when the man saw the dog in distress. The dog was not behaving the way she used to and there was a change in her mannerisms.

She was looking to alert him.

We are going to share the story of when the dog asked for help with her puppies.

Regular Feedings In The Park

The park was the place where these two would meet.

The man would bring a bit of food with him while going on walks at the local park. He knew this was a park where the dog would be and the connection had started to build between them.

In the beginning, the man had a bit of food in his hands that he gave to the stray dog. He assumed it was a one-time thing and it would never happen again.

This changed when the dog was still there the next day.

At this point, the man was intrigued but he didn’t have the means to bring the dog in or adopt it. Since there were so many stray dogs in the area, the man felt it would be impossible to help the dog but he continued to bring it food.

Asking For Help

One day when the man was walking in the park with a bag of food, he realized the stray dog was coming at him differently.

The dog was in distress.

It was looking for more than food and this was interesting for the man because he had never seen a stray dog in this type of condition. It seemed like the stray dog was attempting to get him to do something.

But what was it?

The stray dog kept motioning for him to follow her. He didn’t understand what was going on and just assumed the dog had been waiting for a bit and needed food. However, the dog didn’t want just food.

She wanted more.

This is when the man understood something else was going on and took the time to rush over to where the stray dog was. He continued to follow the stray dog as he knew there was something she wanted to show him.

At the time, he didn’t know what it was, but he knew it was important.

So, he kept following her.

Hidden Puppies

When he got to the destination inside the park, it was a small sofa that had been left out in the open.

Underneath this sofa, there was a small gap.

In the gap, some puppies had been left there by the stray dog. She had given birth to these puppies and was keeping them in a safe spot because she had to go find food.

She was in distress because the puppies were not safe out in the open like this without her having a chance to get fed.

She knew it was time to get help but she didn’t know who to ask. However, the stray dog knew this helpful man was a great source of help and a kind face she could trust.

Rescued And Fed

The stray dog was right.

She had chosen the right man.

He took the time to make sure all of the puppies were brought into a warmer place along with the mother.

His goal was to ensure all of them were well-fed and brought to shape. This was essential because some of the pups were not in good shape and had to be fed continually to make sure they survived.

This is a beautiful story of a gentleman and a loving stray dog that had built a strong bond.

This bond is what ensured the stray dog and her puppies were saved.

Teary Goodbye To The Good Samaritan Who Cared For Stray Dog For Years

When it comes to heartwarming stories, this one is going to pull on your heartstrings right away.

It’s a wonderful story about a stray dog and how he was saved from the streets by a loving man.

Stray dogs tend to lead difficult lives and it’s not easy to find scraps of food. They struggle everywhere they go and that is what was happening to a young pup. He was a stray dog with nowhere to go and was too young to figure out what to do.

This is when a man who was walking along the street noticed the beautiful puppy as it was struggling for food. The Good Samaritan didn’t like seeing the pup in this condition and knew it was time to take action.

This is when the decision was made to figure out how to protect the pup and make him a part of the man’s life.


What was the young pup’s name?

He was named Scholar by the shelter.

Scholar is the right name for this precious dog.

The stray pup was only four months old at the time and was still beaming despite the situation he was in when the man found him.

Sadly, the bond had to come to an end between the man and the stray dog. This is where the story takes a sad turn for what would have been the most beautiful bond of them all between a man and his dog.

It came down to the Good Samaritan either losing his home or keeping the pup.

A man says goodbye to the dog he rescued.

The Landlord

At no point was the man going to let the puppy leave. He wanted to keep the pup with him because there was a natural love between them instantly.

Sadly, this was not going to last because the man’s landlord found out what was happening. The landlord realized the man was thinking of keeping a puppy in the home and that was against the rules of the rental.

As a result, the landlord gave an ultimatum.

The man had to choose between the home and the dog. If he wanted to keep the dog, he would have to move out right away.

This is why the man was teary-eyed and knew it was time to move on because he had nowhere else to go. He was a simple teacher who was working hard to make ends meet and wanted to stay with his beloved dog but couldn’t.

Rescue Center

The man knew it was time to take the beautiful dog to the rescue center in New Orleans. This was a great opportunity to make sure the dog got a chance to survive and thrive for years to come in a loving environment.

The team at the rescue center made sure to take Scholar in and begin working on figuring out what the next best option was.

This delightful puppy was dealt a bad set of cards but the rescue center would make sure things would remain positive in Scholar’s life.

The Goodbye

This is the moment that is a real tear-jerker.

The man realized it was now time to say goodbye to his precious best friend. The dog that he wanted to keep forever wasn’t going to be possible because it was time to say goodbye.

He asked for a moment to say goodbye.

Everyone was watching as the pup began to cuddle with the man and comfort him. It seemed like the pup also realized that it was time to say goodbye and that made the man’s eyes well up in tears.

Credit: Villalobos Rescue Center

Scholar’s Future

Scholar continues to spend time with the rescue shelter and hopes to find a loving home in the future.

The shelter named him Scholar after the teacher and rightly so.

This is a beautiful, brainy dog that is always willing to show a bit of love to those around him. The natural charm of the dog is what brings people to him and it’s something we hope continues to occur for years to come.

The man’s act to help save Scholar cannot go unnoticed. He put in the time to make sure the pup didn’t have to struggle on the streets looking for scraps and that alone makes his act a commendable one.

While the goodbye was a sad one, it was also one where the man knew Scholar was in great hands.

Helpless Puppy With No One Saved From Euthanasia At Shelter

Some dogs live a tough life and the struggles begin from day one.

They never get to enjoy a life full of love, care, and freedom. This is something Miles, a charming dog in Texas had to deal with because he was raised in a dog shelter.

It was a sad experience as each day passed by without someone coming to adopt him. This is something many dogs suffer from and it can lead to having to spend their entire lives at the dog shelter.

The same was going to happen to this beautiful dog.

It was then that the medical issues started to pile up and it became difficult to help Miles lead a healthy life. This meant one option the shelter had was to use euthanasia as a solution to stop Miles from suffering.

A Life Full Of Sadness

Miles has been suffering through months of sadness not being able to have the type of fun a dog like him should be having.

While he is known for having a robust personality that gels well with all types of pets, he was not able to get out of the dog shelter.

The other issues were holding him back and then he started getting older. What might have been a challenging situation for other dogs, Miles didn’t let it show. He continued to maintain a strong spirit.

Yet, the sadness that was in his life continued to be there.


This was one solution that was brought up when Miles was a puppy.

Since it was not going to be easy to keep him at the shelter, the available option came in the form of this solution. It didn’t seem like the right thing to do and it was not fair on Miles that he could not lead a healthy life with the love of a great owner.

The shelter started to look around at different options.

This included trying to find a way to make sure the euthanasia didn’t have to take place. This is when someone took the time to step in and felt it was best not to move forward with euthanasia because there were other options.

This included taking the time to neuter Miles and make sure he was fully vaccinated. After all, this was one of the main reasons Miles was being moved towards euthanasia in the first place.

We are glad that this did not end up happening as it would have meant Miles’ life did not extend past a few months. However, the change of heart is what made sure Miles might still have been a helpless dog but he had a fighting chance.


The word has been getting out there about Miles and the shelter does not want to have them spend more months in a cage.

It is time to find a loving owner who is going to give this joyful pup a great life moving forward. It shouldn’t have to be this way and someone needs to step in and help this gorgeous pup lead a great life.

Since he is neutered and ready to go, this is one of the best choices for dog owners who want to make a meaningful addition to their family.

Adoption should be coming for Miles in the future.

He is a great puppy that wins everyone’s heart as soon as he is in front of them. This is one of the reasons he is a great dog and one that is only going to get better with time.

You can visit for more information on Miles.

Final Thoughts

Miles is a great dog and one that deserves to be adopted.

He has it all when it comes to being adorable, a great cuddler, and knowing how to have fun. What more does a dog owner want?

From the days when he would have been euthanized to now trying to find a loving dog owner, Miles has already been through a lot. Yet, he continues to have a great time and you wouldn’t know what he is going through.

For those who are in Texas, this is a great opportunity to help Miles and make sure he gets to lead a great life moving forward.

Miles is a dog that loves as much love as possible moving forward.

Shivering Puppies Abandoned In A Snowstorm By Cruel Owner

There is nothing more cruel than abandoning helpless puppies.

This story revolves around a father and son who locate two shivering puppies in the middle of a snowstorm.

It was a snowy day when a father and son were walking through the area enjoying the cold weather together. They hadn’t imagined a scenario where they would come across puppies in the middle of nowhere.

This is exactly what happened.

When they started to notice two moving animals in the middle of the snowy path, they started to pay attention to who they were. At first, they assumed the dogs were nothing more than raccoons that were walking around.

However, when they got closer, they realized it was two innocent puppies shivering in the cold as snow was falling around them.

This made them rush to the puppies to see what was going on and whether or not they could help.

There was no human in sight and it seemed like the puppies had been abandoned by their owner.

Shivering On The Path Huddled Together

When the father and son went up to the two shivering puppies, it was clear they were in distress and didn’t know what to do.

This indicated they had been left out in the snow without a solution in sight.

It was important to help the two pups in the cold to make sure they could be warmed up. If they had been left in this state, they would not have been able to survive.

This is why it’s important to act fast and that’s what the father and son did.

Dealing with a situation where the pups were left out in the cold meant getting them to a warmer spot was an important step. The father and son picked up the two pups and began walking them back to warmth.

Their body heat was also helping keep the puppies calm as the snow was still falling.

Warmth and Food

The father and son started looking around for any type of food that they could give to the young pups because they were in distress.

The puppies had not been eating anything and were left out to die on the path in the cold. It was a cruel situation they had been found in, but it was now time to help.

To do this, the father and son began to wrap a blanket around the two pups and make sure they felt good.

This was essential.

The warmth and food made sure they were able to retain their body heat and not shiver to death.

As soon as the food was brought to them, the pups started feeding. They were hungry and continued to eat for a while.

Full Of Energy

What happened as time went on?

After the first meal, the puppies were beginning to show signs of recovery but they were still shivering. It was not just from the cold that they were left in but also the fear that came with the experience.

After all, pups are not made for those scenarios.

The father and son continued to comfort them and make sure they were getting all of their meals in. This helped relax the pups as they knew they were now safe.

At this point, a few days went by and the puppies were now beginning to connect with the father and son. They knew they were in good hands and started to show their joyful selves as they had been previous to getting dumped on a snowy path.

Final Thoughts

We are thankful to the father and son for doing such a wonderful thing as soon as they saw the dogs on the snowy path.

If they had left the two puppies in the snow, they would not have survived for long. However, the quick thinking and thoughtful actions of the father and son made it possible for the pups to recover.

The staff at the animal shelter made sure to continue to help the pups and make sure they were feeling good. This ensured their recovery continued with trained professionals all around them to offer comprehensive care.

This is what it’s all about in situations such as these and we hope the pups continue to lead great lives over the coming years.

Heroic K9 Dog Takes Bullet And Still Stops The Bad Guy

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

In this story, we take a look at the brave police dog named Arko.

Arko had been working as a police dog for years and was seen as one of the most important members of the team. This is why he was sent out for the challenging missions because he was a brave dog.

One day, Arko had to go on a raid.

This raid was dealing with an area where there was criminal activity going on and it was important to get inside as smoothly as possible. To do this, the police knew it was time to bring out their main police dog in the form of CAD Arko.

Arko was more than ready to do his duty.

Let’s take a look at what Arko had to go through on the day.

The Mission

Since it was going to be a raid, the goal was to get inside the right way.

Police dogs are trained to handle these types of situations and will listen to specific commands to make sure they are aware of what’s going on and what is expected of them.

As a Malinois, Arko was more than eager to please. He was ready to listen to the command and get started on this new mission.

Just like any other situation, Arko was off to the races as soon as he was inside.

He had to be controlled to make sure he was not making the right move but Arko was a thorough professional. With his handler nearby, he started to focus on the target and figure out what was required.

This is when the handler begins giving commands.

Credit: Warrior Dog Foundation

CAD Arko To The Rescue

Arko had been deployed in the past to deal with similar situations. It is this experience that allowed him to handle the pressure of the scenario and still come out on top as we are going to show later.

The raid was going on and Arko locked in on the bad guy.

He knew this was a guy that had to be taken down. However, the bad guy had a weapon in his hand and it was something Arko had to get through.

The bad guy had enough time to shoot Arko right in the middle of his chest. This type of shot might have knocked over another dog but not Arko. He is a strong dog and made sure to keep powering through as soon as he got to the bad guy.

He took a big bite and made sure he didn’t let go even as he was wounded.

Arko knew how to manage this type of pain because he was trained for it. He kept that bite locked in to make sure the bad guy couldn’t budge an inch!

Shot In The Chest

Getting shot in the chest was not a pleasant experience for the Malinois as he had never been shot before.

Yet, he kept holding on.

In this situation, the bad guy was struggling with the situation and felt down. The handler made sure to come to the bad guy and apprehend him as required. Arko was able to let go and then it was time to rush Arko to the hospital.

The vet was able to begin working on Arko as soon as he was there and knew what to do.

Luckily for Arko at the Forward Operating Base, the treatment was great and the surgery went ahead as required.

Mission Complete

While this is a great story of a heroic police dog, it’s important to note that the criminal was apprehended and charged by the police.

Not only did this occur, but also Arko made a full recovery after being shot in the chest.

This was great news because CAD Arko was listed for retirement after getting injured. He is now retired at the WDF Ranch.

The one thing about Arko is that he is a lovable boy and one who is always looking to showcase how friendly he is. This beautiful spirit is what makes him a great dog and one that is always willing to please.

Arko is a strong dog and one that has warmed the hearts of everyone who has been around him.

Final Thoughts

Arko is one of those dogs that is going to make you want to stay close to him both out of love and respect.

Those who take the time to visit him and allow him to have a good time at the ranch mention he is a great dog and one who is always appreciative of what is happening around him.

Lost Dog Turns Himself Into The Police

Imagine being in a situation where you lose your dog and don’t know where he has gone.

This is what Chico’s owner had to face.

However, this is not where the story ends because Chico is an adventurer who likes being out and about. His curiosity is not just about getting outside the house but also learning more about what’s happening around him.

This is what led to this story happening.

Let’s take a look at what Chico was up to as soon as he got out.

The Escape From Home

It all started when Chico decided it was time to make a run for it.

He was looking for an opportunity to get out and that’s what he did. Chico realized his owner was sleeping and decided it was time to find a gap in the gate. As soon as he did, it was time to run away.

Chico continued to run because he knew he had the world in front of him and no one to get in the way.

His owner had no idea what had happened and Chico was going at a hundred miles an hour running around having a great time.

Chico had been reported as someone curious and always looking for an adventure. This was due to his high energy and always liking the idea of being on the move whether it is during play time or when his owner wants to relax.

On this day, Chico’s curiosity took him outside his home and made him start running except this time he was not running after a ball thrown by his owner.

He was running because the gate was open and it was enough for him to slip out.

Visiting The Police Station

What happened when Chico got out?

This is when the fun begins.

Chico started to run around and continued his way towards the Odessa Police Station. The police officers at the station had no idea a dog was coming their way and Chico himself didn’t know where he was going.

Imagine seeing a dog arrive at a random time without ever having met him before. The officers loved the unique surprise.

How far away was the police station from the house? It was more than a mile away.

All Chico wanted to do was meet some people even if it meant they were police officers. After all, police officers and dogs are known to have a strong bond right?!

Building A Connection

The police officers were lapping up this opportunity to meet with a dog and get to build a connection with it.

They weren’t sure why the dog was there but since Chico was present, it was time to have a bit of fun.

They took the time to snap some pictures of the dog and just have a good time because of how unique the experience was.

Chico has a great personality and was also having a great time with the officers.

Chico spent a few minutes with the officers and then realized he had been outside his home for a bit too long. Perhaps, it was time to get back home to his owner.

Going Back To His Owner

He didn’t need a police escort to get back. Chico knows his way and he took the time to go back the mile that he had run to get to his house.

As soon as he wanted to, he got home.

His owner didn’t know what had happened but that’s what made it hilarious. The officers had posted about it and mentioned how they had taken photos of the dog that had come to their station.

This is when everything was connected back to the dog.

His adventures had made him famous and it was something the area needed to know more about.

The owner now knows what Chico had been up to and finds it hilarious. Of course, he is also going to be building a much stronger defense against Chico’s escapes!

Final Thoughts

Chico had one heck of an adventure in Odessa.

The police officers might not get to see such bright faces every day but it was one way to liven up their day. Chico made their day and also became popular in the area because of his hard work running the mile from his house to the police station.

Perhaps, what he was trying to do was apply to become a police dog. We will never know what was running trough Chico’s mind.

Crying Puppy Abandoned In The Cold Rescued And Adopted

The helplessness of an eight-week-old puppy is always heartbreaking.

A YouTuber “Phuong Anh & Furry Friends” noticed a young puppy struggling outside in the cold. The weather was 17.6 Fahrenheit at the time and this left the puppy in a state of confusion and distress.

Not knowing where to go, the pup was aimlessly walking around trying to figure out the situation it was in while making distress calls out to the world.

This sad and crying puppy had no idea of what was going to happen next.

Let’s take a look at what happened with this puppy and how it was helped in this difficult situation.

The Abandoned Puppy In The Cold

There is nothing more sad than watching a puppy abandoned without anywhere to go. It is something that tugs on the heartstrings and it has done for us too.

In this case, it is a story of an abandoned puppy left outside in the cold.

This puppy was looking around trying to deal with the cold conditions and also figuring out what should happen next. It was getting hungrier with time and needed to get food without knowing how to do so.

Instinct can only do so much when a puppy is abandoned out in the cold.

The puppy at the time was still displaying signs of strength and was walking around as best as it could. This included trying to find shelter or a place to hide. It was proving to be difficult because the pup didn’t know what was safe and what was not.

This led to someone noticing the pup and figuring out it was best to rescue them.

In situations such as these, it’s best to have the pup rescued as soon as possible and that’s what happened.

Credit: Phuong Anh & Furry Friends

Rescue By YouTuber

The next part of this rescue story comes with the help of a YouTuber.

This YouTuber took the time to find the puppy that was crying out for help to make sure assistance could be provided. This included figuring out where the pup was in the cold and then getting to it right away.

This is essential when it comes to ensuring the puppy keeps calm and feels happy with what is going on.

If this does not occur, the puppy is not going to feel safe at all and can start running away.

The YouTuber took a bit of food and made sure to present it to the puppy as soon as she got closer to it. This is essential as it helps comfort the puppy and lets it know this is a safe spot for it.

We are grateful for the YouTuber and the work that was done to save the puppy from the cold conditions.

Credit: Phuong Anh & Furry Friends

Care And Food

Just bringing a puppy in from the cold is not enough when it comes to providing a good level of care and protection.

Pups need to be treated with additional care and understanding. This includes feeding the right amount of food and making sure the puppy is clean.

All of this was done to help this abandoned puppy.

The goal was to figure out what was going on with the pup and how to make sure it would start feeling comfortable in this environment.

This YouTuber put in the time to figure out what was going on with the puppy and how to make sure it was feeling better as soon as possible. Not only was it receiving appropriate care but it was also well-fed.

This helped the puppy build confidence and get closer to its rescuers.

Credit: Phuong Anh & Furry Friends


The building of a new bond is always special and it was on full display here.

Adopting the abandoned puppy was a great step in the right direction to make sure it felt at home and didn’t have to deal with abandonment again.

In situations such as this, it’s always difficult to want to give the puppy away and sometimes it is the only option.

In this case, the adoption was done and the dog is happy with its new owners. This makes all the difference in the world for this abandoned puppy and the life it is going to get to live now.

What was a horrible start has now turned into a fantastic ending.

Final Thoughts

It is lovely to see the work that was done to make sure this puppy survived and could continue to lead the life it was meant to live.

Being left out in the cold was difficult but the YouTuber did an excellent job to make sure the puppy was back to how it needed to be.

This is what made all the difference and ensured things worked out without having the pup suffer from the weather.

K-9 Dog Refuses To Work Without A Belly Rub

K-9 Jango is just like any other dog and he let Officer Ryan Costin know it.

Just because he has a serious job doesn’t mean he is going to let you off the hook easily! When Jango found out it was time to go to work, he decided it was time to ask for a little payment before heading off to duty.

This is when he took matters into his paws and let Officer Costin know it was time to give him a proper belly rub.

After all, a good boy deserves a good belly rub!

K9 Jango

K9 Jango is one of the more experienced working dogs on the force. He has been around for a long time and has been on various missions.

When it comes to finding illegitimate substances, he can do it better than most. However, on this day he wasn’t feeling it and decided it was time to go back to acting like the loving dog he is at heart.

The bad guys could wait a few minutes!

With 10 years of experience alongside Officer Costin, this is an unbreakable bond. They have been together for a long time and understand each other inside and out. In this case, it seems like K9 Jango knew he had the upper hand with his best friend.

This wasn’t the time to sniff for substances or attempt a rescue. Instead, it was time to act like the hearty dog he was and get some love from Officer Costin.

Credit – WBAL-TV

The Day Of The Belly Rub Request

On Tuesday, everything was going according to plan.

This included getting ready to start work.

While everything went ahead, when it was time to go to work, this is when Jango decided it was time to show that he needed a little bit more out of his best friend to move forward with his shift at work.

How did Jango do this?

He simply lay down on the grass and refused to budge. He wasn’t going to go to work until he got what he wanted!

It was a Tuesday morning when the pair were about to head off to work when Jango decided he needed a little extra motivation that day.

Officer Costin was bemused.

What could he possibly do to get his buddy to move? What was required to make sure Jango would get going so they could start work as they had been doing for a decade before this day?

Well, Officer Costin kept trying and then realized it might be time to call his wife for a bit of assistance.

She wasn’t of much help as she was focusing on recording the exchange. Jango was not having any of it and her husband was attempting to get things moving.

The Belly Rub

So, what was it that Jango wanted?

He wanted nothing more than a good ol’ belly rub!

It was something he wanted in that moment and it was all he was going to ask for from Officer Costin. When Ryan understood what was going on, he made sure to give the pup a good, hearty belly rub.

When the belly rub was done, Jango knew his mission was a success and now it was time to get started.

While Jango takes a bit of time for himself, he always means business when it comes to his duty as a K9 dog with the force.

He does his best and he puts his work first. But sometimes, it’s okay to play the part of a regular dog too and that’s what he did on this day.

Ryan Costin would not have it any other way.

This gorgeous Belgian Malinois is the real deal when it comes to doing things with precision and understanding commands. However, it is also an intelligent breed, which means they are going to want to do things that please them too.

This includes a few belly rubs throughout the week!

Credit – WBAL-TV

The Future For Jango

Jango does not have a long time left as a police dog.

He’s going to be entering retirement soon and then it is going to be time to have a bit of fun as a family dog.

He is going to get to enjoy all of those belly rubs that he is passionate about. This includes being able to make Ryan do everything that he wants from him.

Final Thoughts

This is a beautiful, funny store of a K9 dog that was not going to get moving until that belly rub was done.

We hope Jango continues to lead a comedic life as a family dog when he is not a police dog.

Jango’s personality shined through on this lovely day and we are certain Officer Costin would not have it any other way!

This is what makes their bond unbreakable.

Poor Puppy Was Seen Cruelly Abandoned In The Woods

Imagine being a helpless puppy trapped in the woods without knowing where to go, who to trust, and how to survive.

This was the experience of Wiley.

Wiley was a frail, three-week-old puppy that was left abandoned cruelly abandoned in the woods.

Found in Burnaby, Wiley was a pup that was struggling to get around when he was found. It was assumed this puppy was not going to survive and was left in a terrible state in the middle of the woods.

It was Wiley’s lucky day that he was found by someone hiking on the trail.

Wiley’s Initial Struggle

The person who found Wiley took care of handling him and making sure he was not put in a worse position that would harm him. This care ensured the rescuers could then begin to work on the healing phase.

Wiley was brought back to the animal center where the goal was to help pinpoint what the issues were and how to help him.

The first step was to see how he was doing.

Since he was frail, everyone remained gentle in handling him. This ensured he would not worsen.

The initial diagnosis was pointing toward deafness and blindness. However, they wanted to run more tests to see what was going on and whether or not they were right.

It was a situation where anything was possible and this made it important to get to the bottom of things as soon as possible. Was this an underlying condition, which caused Wiley to be abandoned in this fashion? Was it something else?

The staff at the animal center wanted to figure it out immediately.

Credit: BC SPCA

Running Tests To Check Wiley’s Condition

The BC SPCA staff took the time to work through this series of tests to ensure a complete assessment was done of Wiley’s condition.

They didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Tests such as these can act as a foundational step in making sure the puppy recovers the right way and receives appropriate treatment.

This included checking Wiley’s psychological condition, physical health, and possible infections he might be dealing with. After all, he had been cruelly left outside in the woods without anywhere to go.

The tests were good, which meant he was not injured and could recover as a young pup at the animal center.

The goal was still to make sure nothing came up later and he was allowed to heal in a comfortable space. This included a foster home designed to allow Wiley to recover where he was loved.

Credit: BC SPCA

Experience At The Foster Home

The animal center is vigilant when it comes to how injured pups are cared for at foster homes. This includes the type of treatment they receive, the food they eat, and how they are looked after.

Every detail matters in getting the young pup back to his energetic self.

To do this, the foster home realized Wiley was a nervous puppy. He didn’t like being around most things and only wanted to be close to his foster mom.

This meant he didn’t want to venture off too much and perhaps this had to do with being abandoned in the woods heartlessly.

He would attempt to walk a bit and not get anywhere because he lacked stability in his legs. It took more than a month to walk properly but then he started going from one place to the next like any other puppy would!

Happy Wiley

Now let’s come to modern-day Wiley and how he is doing.

Wiley has been in care for more than a month and continues to do well after his terrible start to life. From the days when he was stuck in the woods with nowhere to go and now when he is thriving in a foster home, the growth has been impressive.

We are happy to see how Wiley is doing.

Wiley is a great dog that continues to make everyone around him happy. He jumps around, makes people laugh, and just continues to look for a good time when he’s not munching on his favorite foods!

Everyone talks about how loving Wiley is.

Along with Wiley being a loving dog, he is also adopted and is going to spend a wonderful life in a loving home with people who want to be around him.

Credit: BC SPCA

Final Thoughts

We want to take the time to appreciate the work done by the BC SPSA when it comes to helping Wiley and making sure he continues to lead a healthy life.

The initial days for Wiley were tough.

He struggled in the woods and was left in a bad spot. Thanks to a good samaritan, Wiley was able to survive and is now leading a good life.

We are grateful for everyone involved in this story and this shows how compassion and determination can go a long way in helping dogs.

Stray Dog With Jar Stuck On Head Saved After Being Scared To Ask For Help

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to see a dog get its head stuck inside a jar.

This is what happened to Winnie when she found herself in a difficult situation with no help in sight.

Winnie was a stray dog at the time and was looking for scraps to eat. This led to significant issues for Winnie as finding food is a challenge when a dog is homeless.

In a bid to find food, she found a jar and stuck her head inside to get a taste. It led to a horrible situation where her head was firmly trapped inside the jar.

Let’s take a look at what was done to help Winnie and make sure she was heading in the right direction without being left to pass away inside the jar.

Scared To Ask For Help

The rescuers knew she was apprehensive and didn’t want to startle her.

In a panicked state, it can make things worse when the dog doesn’t have its sight due to the jar on its head and then has to rely on instinct to survive.

This is why the rescuers remained patient and kept an eye on Winnie to make sure things were alright.

In the beginning, Winnie was naturally scared and kept running away.

After a while, they found an opportunity to get closer and put a net on top of her. This was enough to keep her in one place as they figured out a solution.

The net ensured they were able to help control her aggression and make sure she was put into the vehicle to take her back to their rescue location.

This was a major development and let the team assess what was wrong with the head’s placement inside the jar and what needed to be done to get it out.

Removing The Jar From Winnie’s Head

Winnie was apprehensive and continued to want to avoid being in this situation.

After a while, they managed to bring her inside.

This ensured she was able to receive appropriate care and the jar could be removed from her head safely without jolting the neck or causing undue harm.

Were they able to do it?

Yes, they were!

The jar came off with a gentle tug and then Winnie was safe again.


While the jar was off of her head, it was now time to begin the next phase in the rescue. She was not going to be left out in the open again after she had been rescued from the situation she was in.

This is when the rescuers took the time to come up with a plan to help her recuperate.

This included providing her with food and making sure things were kept as sanitary as possible. The recovery phase was slow and methodical to ensure she had enough time to herself and could also feel at ease with the people around her.

Over time, she began to warm up to her rescuers.

This included eating more food and also coming in for a few pets along the way! The rescuers knew she was not only recovering physically but also psychologically!

The rescuers knew this was an important step in getting her to stay healthy and continue to develop into the dog she was meant to be. A loving dog that would be close to her family.


The rescuers continued to work with Winnie to ensure she felt comfortable in her skin and could take the time to develop a strong bond.

This is when they took the time to work on removing all of the uncertainties that were in her mind.

This included her trust in humans.

As her trust developed, she began to showcase her bubbly personality and this won everyone over.

In no time, Winner was beginning to showcase a real love for being around humans and this included showing love to those who came to adopt her.

It was a natural connection and now Winnie is home safe with those who will love her with all their heart!

We are glad to see Winnie head in the right direction and not have to lead the life she was living before. The days of getting her head stuck in a jar are long gone and now she is in the comforts of a loving home with her new parents.

Final Thoughts

This is just one story of many when it comes to helping stray dogs and we hope it acts as an example for those who want to make a positive difference in the world.

Animals such as Winnie deserve respect and care.

We have the means to provide that care and this is one example where her rescuers saved the day and made sure the rest of her life is a great one.

She can now play and run with all her heart and have a great time!