Sad Amputee Dog Learns To Walk Again With A Prosthetic Paw

Two years after losing all four of his paws, a resilient Rottweiler named Brutus has defied the odds by reclaiming a miraculous ability: walking on his own.

Brutus, just a pup then, suffered unimaginable neglect at the hands of his former owners—dog breeders who callously subjected him to freezing conditions, resulting in frostbite that ravaged all his limbs. Instead of seeking professional help, they resorted to a crude amputation, robbing Brutus of his independence.

Being left in a situation such as this, Brutus never had a chance to save his paws. No one was there to assess his condition professionally and make sure he was well taken care of due to the cruelty of his owners.

Source – Better Paws For Brutus

Rescued and embraced by Laura Aquilina in Loveland, Colorado, Brutus found a loving home. But the haunting aftermath of the botched surgery persisted, rendering every step a challenge for him.

Vets who took the time to look at what was going on stated it seemed like the way the surgery was done had done a considerable amount of harm. If there was any chance of saving the paws, the previous owners had made sure that possibility had been eliminated.

Supporters at the time were stating he should have been able to have a lot of fun at that age but was unable to because of his cruel owners. They had left him outside in the cold to the point he could not stay warm or save himself. This type of heartless behavior is what made it difficult for Brutus to walk.

Moved by his heartbreaking story, a groundswell of compassionate souls donated over $12,000, rallying around Brutus’s plight. Among them was Martin Kauffman, the compassionate mind behind OrthoPets, a Denver-based company crafting prosthetics for animals. He refused to accept Brutus as a lost cause.

It’s great to see the amount of effort that was put forward by Martin Kauffman to make sure Brutus had a new chance at life and would be able to live the way a pup should.

He also took the time to show how Brutus was a tough cookie and would always be willing to tough it out when there was a chance to move. It is this resilience that made Kauffman want to keep going in his pursuit to help Brutus.

Source – Better Paws For Brutus

OrthoPets engineered specialized prosthetic paws, a lifeline for Brutus to stand tall on all fours again. He became only the second quadruple amputee dog to receive such a life-changing innovation.

Their work was impressive and it made sure Brutus would be able to get back on his feet again.

Now, Brutus takes his steps anew.