Lonely Stray Dog Lived Under Car For Weeks Before Someone Found Him

Donna Lochmann swiftly answered a concerning call reporting a stray dog seeking shelter beneath cars in a residential St. Louis neighborhood.

Undeterred by the initial growls, her seasoned expertise discerned the dog’s fearful demeanor, not aggression, prompting her to approach cautiously.

Moving through the rows of parked cars, Lochmann meticulously checked each vehicle, determined to locate the distressed canine.

As she neared an unoccupied van, a low growl intensified, signaling her proximity to the frightened dog. However, her experience taught her not to be intimidated by this defensive behavior.


Her reassuring demeanor aimed to alleviate the dog’s distress.

Finally, she locked eyes with a white pit bull exuding a silent plea for assistance. Despite the persistent growling, Lochmann was resolute—she wouldn’t abandon the dog in such dire straits.

Observing the dog’s emaciated frame, Lochmann inferred the canine had gone without nourishment for an extended period.

Taking immediate action, she offered chunks of Vienna sausages, hoping to assuage the dog’s fears.

True to expectation, the hungry pup devoured the offered food, but what followed took Lochmann by surprise—the pit bull’s tail began to wag.

It was a small yet significant gesture, a glimmer of hope amid the dog’s evident distress. Determined to forge a connection, Lochmann continued to offer bits of sausage, slowly bridging the gap between them.

Methodically, Lochmann expanded the sausage offerings, gradually leading them farther away from the refuge of the car.

The dog, relishing the offered bites from his sheltered sanctuary, cautiously emerged from his hiding spot beneath the van.

Despite his wariness, the alluring scent and promise of sustenance drew him closer to his rescuer. Though tentative, his tail continued its rhythmic wag, a silent plea for reassurance amidst uncertainty.

Finally, with cautious trust, the pit bull, christened Avalanche by Lochmann, permitted the leash to be gently secured around him. His tail, though still apprehensive, mirrored a glimmer of hope and gratitude.

However, while grateful for the rescue, Avalanche hesitated to traverse towards Lochmann’s waiting Jeep without some encouragement. Sensing his reluctance, Lochmann ingeniously crafted a path of sausages, a tangible assurance guiding him from his place of refuge.

Without delay, Lochmann steered the Jeep towards the veterinary clinic, ensuring Avalanche received comprehensive medical care.


The dedicated team conducted a thorough assessment, tending to his physical ailments and providing him with a much-needed and comforting bath, marking the beginning of his journey towards healing and restoration.

Avalanche arrived at the veterinary clinic in a perilous state—severely undernourished, with painful sores marking his hips from prolonged exposure to concrete.

To address his physical ailments, the compassionate veterinary team administered antibiotics and devised a re-feeding regimen, ensuring Avalanche would regain healthy weight at a measured pace.

Despite his brief stay at the clinic, Avalanche’s heartwarming personality had already captured the hearts of his caregivers.

They were saddened to bid him farewell but immensely relieved that he’d found a caring foster family.

This new chapter meant Avalanche wouldn’t spend Christmas isolated on the cold streets but in the warmth of a loving home.