Dog Tortured By Inhumane Owner Until Neighbors Rescue The Dog

Recently, a distressing incident unfolded in a Houston condominium when a concerned neighbor confronted another resident about their neglected dog.

According to a Facebook post, the neighbor expressed deep concern about the dog being left unattended on a wooden-floored porch for three consecutive days, leading to unsanitary conditions that affected the complaining neighbor sitting below.

Most people would have ignored the dog and just went on with their lives. However, this neighbor was not going to let this go and realized there was something wrong with how the dog was being treated.


The dog was not receiving any type of care and would often be left there on the porch. This was a sign something was wrong and the owner was not taking care of the dog and ignoring it completely.

The following day, the same dog was noticed on the owner’s balcony, sporting a diaper haphazardly attached to its hindquarters.

Shockingly, the dog had been whining incessantly, prompting the owner to resort to inhumane measures: the use of an old-fashioned phone cord tightly secured around the dog’s mouth and nose.

Yes, this is the type of cruelty the dog had to face in that situation and it was horrific. The neighbor knew this was a dog owner who was being cruel to their dog and was only going to worsen with time.

Subsequently, a replacement for the phone cord appeared in the form of a thick rubber band, indicating the owner’s callous approach to appease concerned neighbors at The Villas of Westador Condominiums.

The disturbing situation, highlighted on Second Chance Rescue NYC’s Facebook page, has stirred outrage among residents, demanding intervention from authorities to rescue the dog and hold the owner accountable for the cruelty.

Despite multiple reports made to the Harris County Animal Control by several condo residents, totaling 14 complaints, no action has been taken.


Neighbors were getting frustrated with what was going on and the dog’s life depended on it. They wanted a quick response to make sure things would get taken care of as soon as possible.

Even when some neighbors sought help from the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, the response appeared dismissive, with an officer seemingly unconcerned about the severity of the situation.

Although the Houston SPCA confirmed the initiation of a case regarding the animal and assigned an officer, details remained scarce.

They were not shedding light on what was going on with their investigation and the dog was still being treated in this manner. This was a sign that something was wrong and it was not good for the dog to stay in this type of condition.

As a result, they started looking at other ways to figure out what could be done to take care of the dog or to at least get someone to respond.

An online petition, amassing over 4,000 signatures, has surfaced, urging Houston Animal Control to intervene and charge the neglectful owner.

The distressing neglect and lack of immediate action by authorities have left concerned citizens deeply troubled, hoping for a swift resolution to save the suffering dog from further harm.