Dog Starved To Near Death By Cruel Owner Now Rescued

When Angel was discovered, she was a mere 11 pounds of frailty, unable to stand or walk. Her body was shutting down, inching closer to the precipice of death. But despite her dire condition, Angel clung desperately to life.

In December 2014, Rescue From The Hart, based in California, received a harrowing call about a dog intentionally starved almost to the brink of death. They rushed to her aid, but the fear lingered that it might be too late to save her.

Angel hovered on the edge of becoming a celestial being herself.

It is in moments like these when it becomes clear how cruel some humans can be towards animals. Angel was left in a terrible situation with no resolution in sight. This is when everyone started praying for her good health to make sure she would be able to enjoy life again.

Yet, despite a community rallying around her, showering her with love, the situation seemed relentlessly bleak.

Miraculously, Angel showed faint signs of recovery.

It took five excruciating weeks of tireless efforts, but Angel finally mustered the strength to take her tentative first steps toward a faint hope of survival.

Angel, once considered a lost cause, not only survived but began to flourish. Her transformation today is a stark contrast to the near-dead creature she once was.

It is wonderful to see the amount of effort that was put into making sure Angel got back to how she should have been from the start. The commitment to making sure she would get back to good health and would continue to do well in the coming years was paramount in pushing her forward.

This demonstrates the willpower of the community around Angel as that willed her to get better over time.

Now settled with her new forever family, Angel finds solace alongside a cherished canine companion. Thanks to the relentless devotion of Rescue From The Hart’s volunteers, Angel evaded a heartrending fate and now revels in a semblance of a better life.

Her abuser, the woman responsible for Angel’s suffering, was eventually discovered and apprehended nearly a year after Angel’s rescue, unmasking a house of horrors housing several neglected, emaciated dogs.

It’s sad to see what she had managed to do to the dogs inside that house. The police took the time to record everything and make sure she was charged for her wrongdoing not only towards Angel but to the other dogs too.

This helped rescue those dogs as well.

Free from the shackles of fear, Angel’s existence stands as a testament to her resilience in the face of unimaginable suffering.

We hope this is a good reminder for those who have dealt with these issues in the past and want to make sure this does not happen to other dogs. It is essential to report any type of abuse as soon as it is discovered to make sure dogs continue to lead safe lives in the community.

Angel was a lucky dog but many others have not been able to survive.