Shelter Dog Falls Asleep With A Smile After Getting Adopted

Being a shelter dog is challenging.

It creates situations that are difficult to handle and it can become impossible for the dog to lead a happy life when it’s stuck in the dog shelter. While Petey was always a happy dog, he never got the chance to be adopted.

The smile on Petey’s face was something everyone would talk about when it came to his personality. Everyone loved being around him and knew Petey was one dog that was always willing to show his happiness too.

Losing A Spot At The Shelter

Petey was always willing to adjust to his surroundings.

This included the time he was spending at a local shelter. As a dog, he just wanted to have a bit of fun and make sure to enjoy every moment in his environment whether it was the shelter or not.

However, the shelter was starting to have too many dogs to deal with. This meant it was time to find Petey a new home. It was the only way to help Petey and make sure the shelter was able to meet the needs of the other dogs.

The solution started when they started looking around for a way to help Petey.

Of course, they were not going to leave him stranded. So, it became important to find someone to take care of Petey and ensure he was receiving the care required for him to stay healthy.

This is when the SPCA of Wake County stepped in to help out.

Adorable Look

We have to take the time to mention how adorable he is.

This is one dog that is truly charming and is going to make your heart swoon in adoration. This is what made Petey such a likable dog for those who wanted to have fun with him and bond with him.

At the shelter, this was one thing everyone took the time to notice. The SPCA made sure to help Petey and get him set up.

A lot of people were mentioning how Petey was eager to please and just meet people. It is a part of his disposition and something that makes him special as a dog.

Most people were stunned at how Petey was unable to find a home. He seemed like a dog that had a pep to his step and was always willing to be friendly with strangers.


The goal was now to help Petey get adopted.

After all, he deserved a loving home. The solution everyone decided was the best option moving forward had to do with advertising Petey’s adoption needs and seeing if there was someone willing to adopt Petey.

Of course, Petey was an older dog, so it was important to make sure he was able to find a good home. Luckily, it did work out for Petey and he was able to find the home that he had always wanted.

It didn’t take long for Petey to fall in love with his new owners. He knew these were his people and his family.

Nowadays, Petey is still the same loving dog that he always was. Whether it is the shelter or his new home, Petey is not going to be changing anytime soon because that’s who he is as a dog.

Petey is living a great life with his new family. It’s common for him to enjoy time with the family, run around, and just go for long walks. This is what makes him happy and that’s what is special about him.

It’s sad that he had to wait for such a long period, but it’s great that he was able to find a loving home eventually. This is what matters the most.