Loving Husky Hugs Baby Sister While They Sleep

Dogs and babies are two of the cutest elements of a person’s life.

In this story, we take a look at Millie and Daisy.

Millie is a beautiful husky who is known for being friendly, charming, and always willing to showcase this love to the people around her. Of course, this is reciprocated by the beautiful baby named Daisy.

These two have a strong bond and melt everyone’s hearts.

Not only does Millie love Daisy, but she is always looking out for her baby sister too. She wants to make sure Daisy is safe and wants to keep her happy.

Millie might not be human and Daisy might not be a dog, but both of them bond with each other like loving friends.

Anyone that messes with Daisy is going to hear it from Millie.


Imagine being in a situation where both of them snuggle together showing their love for each other.

Millie often does this because she is protective of Daisy and wants to be next to her at all times. Daisy also loves having Millie around because she’s her best friend and they always want to share time.

This includes cuddling as they sleep next to each other.

Millie’s motherly instinct begins to kick in whenever she thinks Daisy is upset. This is why she prefers to be around Daisy whenever she is resting. Both of them are comfortable with each other and like being in each other’s company.

Millie’s Love For Daisy

Since Millie’s motherly instincts begin to kick in, it’s important to understand why she does this and whether or not it’s healthy.

It is healthy.

It’s good for Daisy to build a strong bond with Millie and vice versa. Both feel good around each other and it also allows Millie to show her protective instincts that are natural to her. For her, Daisy is a puppy too!

Of course, their relationship is also cute to see!

It’s always wonderful to see a dog and baby get along in such a manner. It shows how gentle the dog is and how comfortable a baby is around the dog. This is what we noticed with Daisy and Millie too.

They are inseparable.

Millie knows when Daisy is happy, she is going to feel good and that is what matters to the husky. She wants to make sure Daisy is having fun and of course, can have fun with her too whenever they are awake.

It’s important to note that these two are already popular on YouTube. They are seen on the channel MulpertHusky and are well-known for being a beautiful duo. This is to go along with the other huskies inside the home and their owners.

We found this to be lovely and it shows the deep connection a dog and a baby can have. It can get to the point where both of them only want to be around each other and are the happiest when they get to play with one another.

This is what we have noticed with Daisy and Millie.

There is a deep connection there that is essential for both of them. While everyone else gets to enjoy this bond and note how cute it is!

Daisy’s Safety

This is going to make you wonder whether or not it’s safe for such a young baby to be around Millie.

Is it possible for Millie to harm Daisy even though she does not mean it?

This is a question that has been answered by the parents because they believe it’s good for the baby to be around the husky and we agree. The husky is gentle with the baby and continues to help the baby grow stronger.

Since Millie is so protective, she remains gentle with Mille and the parents are always there to keep an eye out.

We find this to be a lovely bond and one that should continue to grow stronger as time goes on.