Giant Dog Only Likes Being Carried By Its Owner

When we think about giant dogs, we think of strong police dogs who are willing to go on a mission, hunt, and sniff around to make sure the mission is complete.

This is a common sight with larger dogs because of how their size stands out.

However, some giant dogs are only large but babies at heart.

This is what you are going to learn here about a hilarious giant dog that only wants to be carried wherever it goes.

As you can imagine, this is not easy for the owner as he has to adjust to the dog’s size and make sure he doesn’t get hurt in the process. However, the bond between the two is incredible and it’s time to shed light on this beautiful story.

Credit: Gainz_thegoodboy

Gigantic Size

It starts with the dog’s size.

This is a massive dog.

It’s a dog that you are going to notice when it’s being walked and most people would assume it’s going to be aggressive and/or imposing. Of course, this is not the case with this beautiful dog.

Yes, it is large, but it is also a wonderful dog.

This is a dog that is massive because it has grown to be one of the largest dogs in its breed. It is a huge rottweiler and one that has an imposing size for someone who doesn’t know its personality.

You are going to be stunned by its look and that’s what most people talk about when learning about this beautiful giant dog and what it does.

Puppy At Heart

While this giant dog is huge, it is also a puppy at heart.

All it does is want to act like a small puppy that is having the time of its life. In its eyes, the dog has never grown and is still the same as it was when the owner first held him in his arms.

The rest doesn’t matter!

If the man could hold him before then he should be able to do it right now too. This is what this beautiful dog thinks. It knows the love it shares with the man and that’s all it cares about despite being huge.

Over time, the two do everything together.

There is a deep love between the two but it also means the man has to get his workouts in or he won’t be able to carry the giant dog around!

Credit: Gainz_thegoodboy

Wants To Be Held In Owner’s Arms

So, what does the giant dog want?

It just wants to be carried from one place to another.

Let’s assume the dog is going to the store and wants to be put in the car. Well, it is not going to walk to the car. It’s going to want to get picked up and taken to the vehicle because that’s what it would have done as a pup.

Of course, it doesn’t mind walking around, but the puppy-like instinct does play a role from time to time with this beautiful dog.

It wants to be out there and have a good time while being in its owner’s arms.

The man has gotten used to these silly requests and knows it makes his dog’s day. After all, why not do something as little as this if the dog still thinks it is a little pup?

It is fun for both of them and it can lead to hilarious situations whenever they are together and the giant dog wants to be carried.

Big Goofball

Being a goofball is a big part of this dog’s life.

Gainz is a huge goofball whenever he is walking around. He doesn’t realize how big he is and he never will.

This makes him end up in hilarious situations that are always fun to follow on Instagram. When it comes to a great personality, Gainz has one that is going to fill the room with joy as soon as he is there.

This is the joy Gains brings to everyone’s life.

While he might be getting those gains every day by eating more and more, Gainz continues to be a lovable dog who always wants to move around. Of course, not when his owner is there cause then it’s time to hop on and get carried around!