Teary Goodbye To The Good Samaritan Who Cared For Stray Dog For Years

When it comes to heartwarming stories, this one is going to pull on your heartstrings right away.

It’s a wonderful story about a stray dog and how he was saved from the streets by a loving man.

Stray dogs tend to lead difficult lives and it’s not easy to find scraps of food. They struggle everywhere they go and that is what was happening to a young pup. He was a stray dog with nowhere to go and was too young to figure out what to do.

This is when a man who was walking along the street noticed the beautiful puppy as it was struggling for food. The Good Samaritan didn’t like seeing the pup in this condition and knew it was time to take action.

This is when the decision was made to figure out how to protect the pup and make him a part of the man’s life.


What was the young pup’s name?

He was named Scholar by the shelter.

Scholar is the right name for this precious dog.

The stray pup was only four months old at the time and was still beaming despite the situation he was in when the man found him.

Sadly, the bond had to come to an end between the man and the stray dog. This is where the story takes a sad turn for what would have been the most beautiful bond of them all between a man and his dog.

It came down to the Good Samaritan either losing his home or keeping the pup.

A man says goodbye to the dog he rescued.

The Landlord

At no point was the man going to let the puppy leave. He wanted to keep the pup with him because there was a natural love between them instantly.

Sadly, this was not going to last because the man’s landlord found out what was happening. The landlord realized the man was thinking of keeping a puppy in the home and that was against the rules of the rental.

As a result, the landlord gave an ultimatum.

The man had to choose between the home and the dog. If he wanted to keep the dog, he would have to move out right away.

This is why the man was teary-eyed and knew it was time to move on because he had nowhere else to go. He was a simple teacher who was working hard to make ends meet and wanted to stay with his beloved dog but couldn’t.

Rescue Center

The man knew it was time to take the beautiful dog to the rescue center in New Orleans. This was a great opportunity to make sure the dog got a chance to survive and thrive for years to come in a loving environment.

The team at the rescue center made sure to take Scholar in and begin working on figuring out what the next best option was.

This delightful puppy was dealt a bad set of cards but the rescue center would make sure things would remain positive in Scholar’s life.

The Goodbye

This is the moment that is a real tear-jerker.

The man realized it was now time to say goodbye to his precious best friend. The dog that he wanted to keep forever wasn’t going to be possible because it was time to say goodbye.

He asked for a moment to say goodbye.

Everyone was watching as the pup began to cuddle with the man and comfort him. It seemed like the pup also realized that it was time to say goodbye and that made the man’s eyes well up in tears.

Credit: Villalobos Rescue Center

Scholar’s Future

Scholar continues to spend time with the rescue shelter and hopes to find a loving home in the future.

The shelter named him Scholar after the teacher and rightly so.

This is a beautiful, brainy dog that is always willing to show a bit of love to those around him. The natural charm of the dog is what brings people to him and it’s something we hope continues to occur for years to come.

The man’s act to help save Scholar cannot go unnoticed. He put in the time to make sure the pup didn’t have to struggle on the streets looking for scraps and that alone makes his act a commendable one.

While the goodbye was a sad one, it was also one where the man knew Scholar was in great hands.