Lost Dog Turns Himself Into The Police

Imagine being in a situation where you lose your dog and don’t know where he has gone.

This is what Chico’s owner had to face.

However, this is not where the story ends because Chico is an adventurer who likes being out and about. His curiosity is not just about getting outside the house but also learning more about what’s happening around him.

This is what led to this story happening.

Let’s take a look at what Chico was up to as soon as he got out.

The Escape From Home

It all started when Chico decided it was time to make a run for it.

He was looking for an opportunity to get out and that’s what he did. Chico realized his owner was sleeping and decided it was time to find a gap in the gate. As soon as he did, it was time to run away.

Chico continued to run because he knew he had the world in front of him and no one to get in the way.

His owner had no idea what had happened and Chico was going at a hundred miles an hour running around having a great time.

Chico had been reported as someone curious and always looking for an adventure. This was due to his high energy and always liking the idea of being on the move whether it is during play time or when his owner wants to relax.

On this day, Chico’s curiosity took him outside his home and made him start running except this time he was not running after a ball thrown by his owner.

He was running because the gate was open and it was enough for him to slip out.

Visiting The Police Station

What happened when Chico got out?

This is when the fun begins.

Chico started to run around and continued his way towards the Odessa Police Station. The police officers at the station had no idea a dog was coming their way and Chico himself didn’t know where he was going.

Imagine seeing a dog arrive at a random time without ever having met him before. The officers loved the unique surprise.

How far away was the police station from the house? It was more than a mile away.

All Chico wanted to do was meet some people even if it meant they were police officers. After all, police officers and dogs are known to have a strong bond right?!

Building A Connection

The police officers were lapping up this opportunity to meet with a dog and get to build a connection with it.

They weren’t sure why the dog was there but since Chico was present, it was time to have a bit of fun.

They took the time to snap some pictures of the dog and just have a good time because of how unique the experience was.

Chico has a great personality and was also having a great time with the officers.

Chico spent a few minutes with the officers and then realized he had been outside his home for a bit too long. Perhaps, it was time to get back home to his owner.

Going Back To His Owner

He didn’t need a police escort to get back. Chico knows his way and he took the time to go back the mile that he had run to get to his house.

As soon as he wanted to, he got home.

His owner didn’t know what had happened but that’s what made it hilarious. The officers had posted about it and mentioned how they had taken photos of the dog that had come to their station.

This is when everything was connected back to the dog.

His adventures had made him famous and it was something the area needed to know more about.

The owner now knows what Chico had been up to and finds it hilarious. Of course, he is also going to be building a much stronger defense against Chico’s escapes!

Final Thoughts

Chico had one heck of an adventure in Odessa.

The police officers might not get to see such bright faces every day but it was one way to liven up their day. Chico made their day and also became popular in the area because of his hard work running the mile from his house to the police station.

Perhaps, what he was trying to do was apply to become a police dog. We will never know what was running trough Chico’s mind.