Heroic K9 Dog Takes Bullet And Still Stops The Bad Guy

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

In this story, we take a look at the brave police dog named Arko.

Arko had been working as a police dog for years and was seen as one of the most important members of the team. This is why he was sent out for the challenging missions because he was a brave dog.

One day, Arko had to go on a raid.

This raid was dealing with an area where there was criminal activity going on and it was important to get inside as smoothly as possible. To do this, the police knew it was time to bring out their main police dog in the form of CAD Arko.

Arko was more than ready to do his duty.

Let’s take a look at what Arko had to go through on the day.

The Mission

Since it was going to be a raid, the goal was to get inside the right way.

Police dogs are trained to handle these types of situations and will listen to specific commands to make sure they are aware of what’s going on and what is expected of them.

As a Malinois, Arko was more than eager to please. He was ready to listen to the command and get started on this new mission.

Just like any other situation, Arko was off to the races as soon as he was inside.

He had to be controlled to make sure he was not making the right move but Arko was a thorough professional. With his handler nearby, he started to focus on the target and figure out what was required.

This is when the handler begins giving commands.

Credit: Warrior Dog Foundation

CAD Arko To The Rescue

Arko had been deployed in the past to deal with similar situations. It is this experience that allowed him to handle the pressure of the scenario and still come out on top as we are going to show later.

The raid was going on and Arko locked in on the bad guy.

He knew this was a guy that had to be taken down. However, the bad guy had a weapon in his hand and it was something Arko had to get through.

The bad guy had enough time to shoot Arko right in the middle of his chest. This type of shot might have knocked over another dog but not Arko. He is a strong dog and made sure to keep powering through as soon as he got to the bad guy.

He took a big bite and made sure he didn’t let go even as he was wounded.

Arko knew how to manage this type of pain because he was trained for it. He kept that bite locked in to make sure the bad guy couldn’t budge an inch!

Shot In The Chest

Getting shot in the chest was not a pleasant experience for the Malinois as he had never been shot before.

Yet, he kept holding on.

In this situation, the bad guy was struggling with the situation and felt down. The handler made sure to come to the bad guy and apprehend him as required. Arko was able to let go and then it was time to rush Arko to the hospital.

The vet was able to begin working on Arko as soon as he was there and knew what to do.

Luckily for Arko at the Forward Operating Base, the treatment was great and the surgery went ahead as required.

Mission Complete

While this is a great story of a heroic police dog, it’s important to note that the criminal was apprehended and charged by the police.

Not only did this occur, but also Arko made a full recovery after being shot in the chest.

This was great news because CAD Arko was listed for retirement after getting injured. He is now retired at the WDF Ranch.

The one thing about Arko is that he is a lovable boy and one who is always looking to showcase how friendly he is. This beautiful spirit is what makes him a great dog and one that is always willing to please.

Arko is a strong dog and one that has warmed the hearts of everyone who has been around him.

Final Thoughts

Arko is one of those dogs that is going to make you want to stay close to him both out of love and respect.

Those who take the time to visit him and allow him to have a good time at the ranch mention he is a great dog and one who is always appreciative of what is happening around him.