Crying Puppy Abandoned In The Cold Rescued And Adopted

The helplessness of an eight-week-old puppy is always heartbreaking.

A YouTuber “Phuong Anh & Furry Friends” noticed a young puppy struggling outside in the cold. The weather was 17.6 Fahrenheit at the time and this left the puppy in a state of confusion and distress.

Not knowing where to go, the pup was aimlessly walking around trying to figure out the situation it was in while making distress calls out to the world.

This sad and crying puppy had no idea of what was going to happen next.

Let’s take a look at what happened with this puppy and how it was helped in this difficult situation.

The Abandoned Puppy In The Cold

There is nothing more sad than watching a puppy abandoned without anywhere to go. It is something that tugs on the heartstrings and it has done for us too.

In this case, it is a story of an abandoned puppy left outside in the cold.

This puppy was looking around trying to deal with the cold conditions and also figuring out what should happen next. It was getting hungrier with time and needed to get food without knowing how to do so.

Instinct can only do so much when a puppy is abandoned out in the cold.

The puppy at the time was still displaying signs of strength and was walking around as best as it could. This included trying to find shelter or a place to hide. It was proving to be difficult because the pup didn’t know what was safe and what was not.

This led to someone noticing the pup and figuring out it was best to rescue them.

In situations such as these, it’s best to have the pup rescued as soon as possible and that’s what happened.

Credit: Phuong Anh & Furry Friends

Rescue By YouTuber

The next part of this rescue story comes with the help of a YouTuber.

This YouTuber took the time to find the puppy that was crying out for help to make sure assistance could be provided. This included figuring out where the pup was in the cold and then getting to it right away.

This is essential when it comes to ensuring the puppy keeps calm and feels happy with what is going on.

If this does not occur, the puppy is not going to feel safe at all and can start running away.

The YouTuber took a bit of food and made sure to present it to the puppy as soon as she got closer to it. This is essential as it helps comfort the puppy and lets it know this is a safe spot for it.

We are grateful for the YouTuber and the work that was done to save the puppy from the cold conditions.

Credit: Phuong Anh & Furry Friends

Care And Food

Just bringing a puppy in from the cold is not enough when it comes to providing a good level of care and protection.

Pups need to be treated with additional care and understanding. This includes feeding the right amount of food and making sure the puppy is clean.

All of this was done to help this abandoned puppy.

The goal was to figure out what was going on with the pup and how to make sure it would start feeling comfortable in this environment.

This YouTuber put in the time to figure out what was going on with the puppy and how to make sure it was feeling better as soon as possible. Not only was it receiving appropriate care but it was also well-fed.

This helped the puppy build confidence and get closer to its rescuers.

Credit: Phuong Anh & Furry Friends


The building of a new bond is always special and it was on full display here.

Adopting the abandoned puppy was a great step in the right direction to make sure it felt at home and didn’t have to deal with abandonment again.

In situations such as this, it’s always difficult to want to give the puppy away and sometimes it is the only option.

In this case, the adoption was done and the dog is happy with its new owners. This makes all the difference in the world for this abandoned puppy and the life it is going to get to live now.

What was a horrible start has now turned into a fantastic ending.

Final Thoughts

It is lovely to see the work that was done to make sure this puppy survived and could continue to lead the life it was meant to live.

Being left out in the cold was difficult but the YouTuber did an excellent job to make sure the puppy was back to how it needed to be.

This is what made all the difference and ensured things worked out without having the pup suffer from the weather.