Stray Dog With Jar Stuck On Head Saved After Being Scared To Ask For Help

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to see a dog get its head stuck inside a jar.

This is what happened to Winnie when she found herself in a difficult situation with no help in sight.

Winnie was a stray dog at the time and was looking for scraps to eat. This led to significant issues for Winnie as finding food is a challenge when a dog is homeless.

In a bid to find food, she found a jar and stuck her head inside to get a taste. It led to a horrible situation where her head was firmly trapped inside the jar.

Let’s take a look at what was done to help Winnie and make sure she was heading in the right direction without being left to pass away inside the jar.

Scared To Ask For Help

The rescuers knew she was apprehensive and didn’t want to startle her.

In a panicked state, it can make things worse when the dog doesn’t have its sight due to the jar on its head and then has to rely on instinct to survive.

This is why the rescuers remained patient and kept an eye on Winnie to make sure things were alright.

In the beginning, Winnie was naturally scared and kept running away.

After a while, they found an opportunity to get closer and put a net on top of her. This was enough to keep her in one place as they figured out a solution.

The net ensured they were able to help control her aggression and make sure she was put into the vehicle to take her back to their rescue location.

This was a major development and let the team assess what was wrong with the head’s placement inside the jar and what needed to be done to get it out.

Removing The Jar From Winnie’s Head

Winnie was apprehensive and continued to want to avoid being in this situation.

After a while, they managed to bring her inside.

This ensured she was able to receive appropriate care and the jar could be removed from her head safely without jolting the neck or causing undue harm.

Were they able to do it?

Yes, they were!

The jar came off with a gentle tug and then Winnie was safe again.


While the jar was off of her head, it was now time to begin the next phase in the rescue. She was not going to be left out in the open again after she had been rescued from the situation she was in.

This is when the rescuers took the time to come up with a plan to help her recuperate.

This included providing her with food and making sure things were kept as sanitary as possible. The recovery phase was slow and methodical to ensure she had enough time to herself and could also feel at ease with the people around her.

Over time, she began to warm up to her rescuers.

This included eating more food and also coming in for a few pets along the way! The rescuers knew she was not only recovering physically but also psychologically!

The rescuers knew this was an important step in getting her to stay healthy and continue to develop into the dog she was meant to be. A loving dog that would be close to her family.


The rescuers continued to work with Winnie to ensure she felt comfortable in her skin and could take the time to develop a strong bond.

This is when they took the time to work on removing all of the uncertainties that were in her mind.

This included her trust in humans.

As her trust developed, she began to showcase her bubbly personality and this won everyone over.

In no time, Winner was beginning to showcase a real love for being around humans and this included showing love to those who came to adopt her.

It was a natural connection and now Winnie is home safe with those who will love her with all their heart!

We are glad to see Winnie head in the right direction and not have to lead the life she was living before. The days of getting her head stuck in a jar are long gone and now she is in the comforts of a loving home with her new parents.

Final Thoughts

This is just one story of many when it comes to helping stray dogs and we hope it acts as an example for those who want to make a positive difference in the world.

Animals such as Winnie deserve respect and care.

We have the means to provide that care and this is one example where her rescuers saved the day and made sure the rest of her life is a great one.

She can now play and run with all her heart and have a great time!