Poor Puppy Was Seen Cruelly Abandoned In The Woods

Imagine being a helpless puppy trapped in the woods without knowing where to go, who to trust, and how to survive.

This was the experience of Wiley.

Wiley was a frail, three-week-old puppy that was left abandoned cruelly abandoned in the woods.

Found in Burnaby, Wiley was a pup that was struggling to get around when he was found. It was assumed this puppy was not going to survive and was left in a terrible state in the middle of the woods.

It was Wiley’s lucky day that he was found by someone hiking on the trail.

Wiley’s Initial Struggle

The person who found Wiley took care of handling him and making sure he was not put in a worse position that would harm him. This care ensured the rescuers could then begin to work on the healing phase.

Wiley was brought back to the animal center where the goal was to help pinpoint what the issues were and how to help him.

The first step was to see how he was doing.

Since he was frail, everyone remained gentle in handling him. This ensured he would not worsen.

The initial diagnosis was pointing toward deafness and blindness. However, they wanted to run more tests to see what was going on and whether or not they were right.

It was a situation where anything was possible and this made it important to get to the bottom of things as soon as possible. Was this an underlying condition, which caused Wiley to be abandoned in this fashion? Was it something else?

The staff at the animal center wanted to figure it out immediately.

Credit: BC SPCA

Running Tests To Check Wiley’s Condition

The BC SPCA staff took the time to work through this series of tests to ensure a complete assessment was done of Wiley’s condition.

They didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Tests such as these can act as a foundational step in making sure the puppy recovers the right way and receives appropriate treatment.

This included checking Wiley’s psychological condition, physical health, and possible infections he might be dealing with. After all, he had been cruelly left outside in the woods without anywhere to go.

The tests were good, which meant he was not injured and could recover as a young pup at the animal center.

The goal was still to make sure nothing came up later and he was allowed to heal in a comfortable space. This included a foster home designed to allow Wiley to recover where he was loved.

Credit: BC SPCA

Experience At The Foster Home

The animal center is vigilant when it comes to how injured pups are cared for at foster homes. This includes the type of treatment they receive, the food they eat, and how they are looked after.

Every detail matters in getting the young pup back to his energetic self.

To do this, the foster home realized Wiley was a nervous puppy. He didn’t like being around most things and only wanted to be close to his foster mom.

This meant he didn’t want to venture off too much and perhaps this had to do with being abandoned in the woods heartlessly.

He would attempt to walk a bit and not get anywhere because he lacked stability in his legs. It took more than a month to walk properly but then he started going from one place to the next like any other puppy would!

Happy Wiley

Now let’s come to modern-day Wiley and how he is doing.

Wiley has been in care for more than a month and continues to do well after his terrible start to life. From the days when he was stuck in the woods with nowhere to go and now when he is thriving in a foster home, the growth has been impressive.

We are happy to see how Wiley is doing.

Wiley is a great dog that continues to make everyone around him happy. He jumps around, makes people laugh, and just continues to look for a good time when he’s not munching on his favorite foods!

Everyone talks about how loving Wiley is.

Along with Wiley being a loving dog, he is also adopted and is going to spend a wonderful life in a loving home with people who want to be around him.

Credit: BC SPCA

Final Thoughts

We want to take the time to appreciate the work done by the BC SPSA when it comes to helping Wiley and making sure he continues to lead a healthy life.

The initial days for Wiley were tough.

He struggled in the woods and was left in a bad spot. Thanks to a good samaritan, Wiley was able to survive and is now leading a good life.

We are grateful for everyone involved in this story and this shows how compassion and determination can go a long way in helping dogs.