K-9 Dog Refuses To Work Without A Belly Rub

K-9 Jango is just like any other dog and he let Officer Ryan Costin know it.

Just because he has a serious job doesn’t mean he is going to let you off the hook easily! When Jango found out it was time to go to work, he decided it was time to ask for a little payment before heading off to duty.

This is when he took matters into his paws and let Officer Costin know it was time to give him a proper belly rub.

After all, a good boy deserves a good belly rub!

K9 Jango

K9 Jango is one of the more experienced working dogs on the force. He has been around for a long time and has been on various missions.

When it comes to finding illegitimate substances, he can do it better than most. However, on this day he wasn’t feeling it and decided it was time to go back to acting like the loving dog he is at heart.

The bad guys could wait a few minutes!

With 10 years of experience alongside Officer Costin, this is an unbreakable bond. They have been together for a long time and understand each other inside and out. In this case, it seems like K9 Jango knew he had the upper hand with his best friend.

This wasn’t the time to sniff for substances or attempt a rescue. Instead, it was time to act like the hearty dog he was and get some love from Officer Costin.

Credit – WBAL-TV

The Day Of The Belly Rub Request

On Tuesday, everything was going according to plan.

This included getting ready to start work.

While everything went ahead, when it was time to go to work, this is when Jango decided it was time to show that he needed a little bit more out of his best friend to move forward with his shift at work.

How did Jango do this?

He simply lay down on the grass and refused to budge. He wasn’t going to go to work until he got what he wanted!

It was a Tuesday morning when the pair were about to head off to work when Jango decided he needed a little extra motivation that day.

Officer Costin was bemused.

What could he possibly do to get his buddy to move? What was required to make sure Jango would get going so they could start work as they had been doing for a decade before this day?

Well, Officer Costin kept trying and then realized it might be time to call his wife for a bit of assistance.

She wasn’t of much help as she was focusing on recording the exchange. Jango was not having any of it and her husband was attempting to get things moving.

The Belly Rub

So, what was it that Jango wanted?

He wanted nothing more than a good ol’ belly rub!

It was something he wanted in that moment and it was all he was going to ask for from Officer Costin. When Ryan understood what was going on, he made sure to give the pup a good, hearty belly rub.

When the belly rub was done, Jango knew his mission was a success and now it was time to get started.

While Jango takes a bit of time for himself, he always means business when it comes to his duty as a K9 dog with the force.

He does his best and he puts his work first. But sometimes, it’s okay to play the part of a regular dog too and that’s what he did on this day.

Ryan Costin would not have it any other way.

This gorgeous Belgian Malinois is the real deal when it comes to doing things with precision and understanding commands. However, it is also an intelligent breed, which means they are going to want to do things that please them too.

This includes a few belly rubs throughout the week!

Credit – WBAL-TV

The Future For Jango

Jango does not have a long time left as a police dog.

He’s going to be entering retirement soon and then it is going to be time to have a bit of fun as a family dog.

He is going to get to enjoy all of those belly rubs that he is passionate about. This includes being able to make Ryan do everything that he wants from him.

Final Thoughts

This is a beautiful, funny store of a K9 dog that was not going to get moving until that belly rub was done.

We hope Jango continues to lead a comedic life as a family dog when he is not a police dog.

Jango’s personality shined through on this lovely day and we are certain Officer Costin would not have it any other way!

This is what makes their bond unbreakable.