Dog Gives Thank You Kiss To Police Officer Who Saves Him From A Burning Car

Imagine being a helpless dog stuck in a burning car.

This is what a Colorado police officer drove up to in January.

A situation such as this demands quick thinking and bravery, which the police officer displayed in spades to save the distressed pup. He immediately jumped headfirst into saving the dog and making sure the dog was safe.

The rescue has earned praise from everyone and people have also been adoring the dog’s thankful response!

Meet Deputy Micheal Gregnorek

The officer is none other than brave Michael Gregorek, who is a deputy in Colorado.

Being in a situation such as this means everything has to be done to clear the area and he was on top of things as soon as he realized the vehicle was burning. He worked on clearing the area and saw the dog owner there.

The dog owner was attempting to get into the vehicle to save his dog. After all, this is what any loving dog owner would do!

The police officer was quick to act.

He wanted to quickly begin working on the window to ensure he could get to the dog. This is what he did as he used his baton to work on the windows.

The owner was distressed and continued to want to reach Hank, his beloved best friend.

Completing The Rescue From A Burning Car

Hank was starting to show signs of continued distress.

After all, being in a burning vehicle is going to cause immediate panic in any pet and Hank was no different but he continued to be brave. He wanted to get back to his owner and that’s what Gregorek continued to work on.

As Hank got to the bank window, the deputy saw how distressed the dog was.

He wanted to get to Hank as fast as he could.

All he could see at that moment was his dog back at home and what he would do for him. This is why he put in the effort to get to the beautiful dog and make sure he was back in his owner’s arms as soon as possible!

On a cold winter day, the pressure of the situation was not going to deter the deputy.

He made sure to get Hank out of the car after breaking the window and ensure he was safe.

He was able to do this and made sure the firefighters had time to put out the fire. Hank was safe and sound and being checked by a vet quickly who lived nearby. It was a moment that was full of anxiety but also one that showed Gregorek’s passion for helping others including pets.

Hank was already having a good time after he was out of the vehicle.

He knew he was safe and it was time to have a bit of fun.

Hank was running around having a grand time after he was back with his owner.

Final Thoughts

This was a wonderful example of a rescue story where a police officer saved a distressed dog from a tricky situation.

The community is overjoyed by the rescue effort and happy Hank is back to doing what he loves doing and that’s running around with pure glee.