Why Is Cat Losing Weight In Hindquarters? (Explained)

When a cat is feeling unwell, you are going to want to keep tabs on its weight.

Physical changes are a common sign of something being wrong and it’s important to address this issue as soon as you can.

When you notice weight loss in a cat, this can be a sign of serious trouble across the board. This includes a cat losing weight in its hindquarters.

If a cat is losing weight in its hindquarters, the reasons can include thyroid issues, not eating enough, aging, cancer, or gastrointestinal issues. It’s highly recommended to consult with a vet as soon as possible when a cat begins losing weight.

It is a common symptom of a wide array of health issues and you will want to address it as soon as possible.

This guide will take a look at why a cat is losing weight from its hindquarters and how to help a cat that is losing weight.


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Why Is My Cat Losing Weight In Hindquarters?

Cats will lose weight from their hindquarters when they’re not eating well, aging, have cancer, have thyroid troubles, or are dealing with gastrointestinal issues. It’s best to visit the vet and get a complete report on what is going on with the cat.

Do not ignore this symptom as it is often a sign of what’s going on inside the cat’s body. You will want to make adjustments as soon as possible.

Reasons A Cat Is Losing Weight In Hindquarters

1. Thyroid Issues

This is one of the most common reasons for a cat losing weight.

When a cat is dealing with an overactive thyroid, it’s easy for it to start shedding weight. The body’s hormones are all over the place and this is not good for its ability to maintain weight.

Some cats will lose this weight gradually while others are going to see a sudden onset of weight loss that is not good for the body.

It’s important to keep tabs on these thyroid issues to make sure they are under control as time goes on.

2. Cancer

This is one term you are not going to want to hear when it comes to a cat.

You will want to assume there is something else wrong with the cat and it is quite likely there is another underlying issue that is causing the weight loss in a cat.

However, it is possible for cancer to lead to this type of symptom too.

The best option is to focus on visiting the vet and getting a complete checkup done on the cat’s body to see what’s happening and how it can be treated moving forward.

cat losing weight in hindquarters

3. Not Eating Well

If a cat is not eating well, this is a simple explanation for it losing weight.

When cats lose weight, it is also a sign they are not getting enough food. If they are getting enough food then they might be throwing it up, which means it is not being digested properly.

You have to keep tabs on the cat’s diet.

If something has changed, this might be the reason the cat is not doing as well as it should.

4. Aging

It is important to note that sometimes the main issue has more to do with the cat’s aging. If a cat is getting older then it is going to start facing issues such as this one.

It is going to deal with fatigue and it is not going to eat as well as it used to.

These are common signs of issues with the cat’s body and aging can be a catalyst.

5. Gastrointestinal Disease

This is a condition where the body does not digest food properly, which can lead to an assortment of issues including weight loss.

You will want to get a complete checkup done to see what is happening with the cat to ensure this is taken care of as soon as possible.

It is possible the cat is dealing with parasites, which will cause it to have intestinal issues.

How To Help A Cat Losing Weight In Hindquarters

1. Visit The Vet

Let’s assume you have noticed the cat is losing a lot of weight.

What is the first step in a situation such as this?

Your best bet is to visit the vet and get a checkup done. They will diagnose the issue and get a complete look at the cat’s medical reports after running a series of tests.

2. Set Up A Consistent Diet Plan

You will want to maintain a consistent diet plan in line with what the vet suggests is the best way forward.

A consistent diet plan is ideal as it is going to help regulate how much food the cat is eating and what it is eating.

This is key if you want to make sure the cat eats the way it needs to.

3. Monitor The Cat’s Weight

You will want to take the time to monitor the cat’s weight.

It is best to set up a journal that is going to help you record the weight.

While doing this, you will want to pick a time of day and only record the weight at that time each day.

This will help build consistency to ensure there are minimal fluctuations due to other factors such as when a cat eats.

Final Thoughts

Why is my cat losing weight in its hindquarters?

If a cat is losing weight in its hindquarters, this can be caused due to thyroid issues, gastrointestinal disease, aging, cancer, or not eating well. It is best to visit the vet and consult with them about what’s wrong with your cat.

When cats are not fluffy, you will begin to see the weight loss right away. Look at what a cat can eat and figure out how to set up a good diet plan.