Why Is My Cat Loafing? (Top Reasons)

Cats are fascinating and will take up all sorts of positions.

One day you might see a cat sitting upright and the next it’s going to be curled up in a ball. Each situation is unique and that is why cats are quite interesting to observe as pets.

One position you will notice is a cat that is loafing. You will wonder, why is my cat loafing?

A cat will begin loafing when it wants to relax, conserve energy, and maintain a compact position in the space. Loafing refers to a cat that is resting in a bunched up position with its limbs tucked in.

Loafing cats are a common sight and you will see this with all cat breeds. It’s just a position they prefer to be in.

This article will point out what loafing cats are, the reasons for loafing in cats, and whether or not it’s safe for cats to loaf.

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What Is Loafing In Cats?

Loafing in cats refers to a cat that is bunched up with its limbs tucked in while resting. This is beneficial to cats as it conserves energy, helps them keep warm, and also allows them to stay compact in the space they’re in. There is nothing wrong with a cat loafing and it is a natural position they take from time to time.

It is common for cats to loaf and it is a position they prefer to stay in depending on where they are resting.

Don’t be alarmed when a cat is loafing.

Reasons A Cat Is Loafing

1. Stay Warm

If it is quite cold outside, you are going to notice the cat is going to pick up on this temperature drop quickly.

The same goes for when a cat is indoors.

The cat is going to want to retain body heat and the best way to do this is to go into the loafing position. It is going to want to go into the loafing position as a way to maximize its body heat and ensure the limbs are not exposed to the cold.

As a result, their body fur helps further protect the skin underneath. This is essential for the cat to stay warm.

2. Conserve Energy

Cats will prefer resting from time to time.

If it is hot outside, you will notice cats are going to want to find shade and just rest for a bit. To do this the right way, they will want to optimize how they are resting as that is a must to make sure the body is healthy.

One position cats like taking is when they begin to loaf.

Loafing cats will save quite a bit of energy just by taking up this position and that is a must when hoping to stay safe.

You will appreciate how the cat feels when in a position such as this.

why is my cat loafing

3. Stay Compact

Cats like to stay compact in some situations.

Why is this important for them?

The premise is they are going to be less of a target in a space they might not feel safe in. It is also common for cats to just naturally take up this position as a way to feel confident in the space they’re in.

Being compact is a lot safer for the cat.

It is going to be a happy place for the cat to be in as compared to sprawling out and exposing its belly.

4. Peace Of Mind

Cats do not like to expose their bellies.

This is an instinct they have and it does not change whether they are in the wild or indoors as a pet.

For the most part, cats are going to want to keep their belly protected and a way to do this is by loafing. The belly remains tucked in and their limbs act as an additional layer of protection from the sides.

This is why loafing in cats is quite common and something you are going to see all the time with your pet.

If you notice loafing cats, it might just be their way of staying safe.

Are Cats Happy When They Loaf?

Yes, cats are happy when they loaf and it’s a natural position for them. The reasons cats loaf comes down to peace of mind, staying warm on a colder day, keeping their belly safe, and conserving energy.

You will see cats take up this position whether they are in the wild or indoors.

It’s just a resting position for them that is convenient and in line with what they prefer when they are looking around.

Final Thoughts

Why is my cat loafing?

A cat loafs when it is conserving energy, trying to stay warm, or wants to protect its belly. This is a common position for cats and should not be a concern. Cats that loaf are simply resting in this position and staying as compact as they can.

If you notice a cat doing this, you will know it is comfortable with its space and is simply resting a bit.