Why Is Cat Sitting Like A Human? (Top Reasons)

Seeing a cat sitting like a human is odd.

You are going to wonder whether or not there is something wrong with your cat. Perhaps, there’s a little human inside of your cat now!

Cats that sit like humans will always stand out and you might be worried something is wrong. Before looking into that, why is a cat sitting like a human?

Cats may sit like humans in an upright position because they’re wanting attention, trying to stay cool on a hot day, seeking a belly rub, or copying you. In general, there is nothing to worry about when a cat sits like a human.

It’s just like any other position a cat may sit in when they are lounging.

This article will take a look at why a cat sits like a human and whether or not you should be worried about a cat sitting like a human.


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Reasons A Cat Is Sitting Like A Human

1. Feeling Lazy

A cat who sits like a human might be feeling lazy.

Yes, cats can show signs of laziness by resting in odd positions. They will look to find a spot where they can sit in this manner and will simply fall into place.

There is nothing odd about this and it is common for a cat to feel lazy during the day. This can happen after they have been playing for a while and are just looking to rest up a bit.

why is cat sitting like human

2. Stretching

Do you notice the cat looking to stretch its paws and just stay as flexible as possible?

If this is the case, you will then want to assess everything when it comes to how the cat is doing.

It might just be stretching a bit and that has led the cat to sit like a human. There is nothing odd about this and the cat will just be limbering up a bit.

You will often notice a cat stretching during the day and that’s normal. They stretch just like a human does.

3. Copying You

To the surprise of many, when cats sit like a human, they might just be mimicking you.

After all, you are always going to be around them sitting like this and that is going to make the cat want to do the same thing.

This does not mean the cat is always going to sit in this position but it might want to give it a try if you are also sitting in a similar manner.

In some cases, cats also stand on their hind legs in a way to copy how humans walk. It is rare but it does happen with cats walking like humans.

4. Staying Cool In The Heat

Is it hot where the cat is?

Whether this is indoors or outdoors, a cat might be feeling hot. This is going to make the cat want to sit like a human just to cool down a bit.

The reason it does this has to do with the belly having less fur. This is why exposing that part of the body is going to help that cool breeze touch the belly.

Some cats will lay with their bellies up and others are going to sit in an upright position. Both do a good job of exposing the bellies.

5. Displaying Comfort Around You

It is also important to note this is a sign of comfort for cats.

They are showing you are someone they feel confident around and that they fully trust you as a cat owner.

For them, you are a good friend and someone they want to be around. As a result, the idea of exposing their belly to you is not a big problem.

It is rare for a cat to sit upright when it is in the presence of an unknown entity. They are not going to want to be in this position as they are not going to trust it. Some cats just want to be around you a lot.

6. Wanting Attention

Some cats just want a bit of attention and this is the best way to get it.

The idea of being able to walk around or sit in an upright position will be enough to make you look and the cat will pick up on this.

When a cat sits like a human you are going to be taking a look at why it is doing this. The attention is going to make the cat want to do it more if they want you to be around them all the time.

Some cats want scratches or just want you to pay attention to them.

7. Wants A Belly Rub

Some cats are going to want a belly rub.

You might not think too much of it but they are exposing their belly for a quick rub. Of course, don’t do this with a cat that is unknown to you because they might not fancy you touching them on their bellies.

This is why wanting a belly rub is something that comes with time but it is possible with a cat that has been around you for a long time.

Should You Be Concerned With A Cat That Sits Like A Human?

No, you should not be concerned if a cat sits like a human. There is nothing wrong with a cat sitting in this position nor does it indicate something is wrong with the cat. It’s just as normal as being in any other position for a cat.

Yes, it might stand out but that does not mean it is a health issue.

Final Thoughts

Why is my cat sitting like a human?

Cats can sit like a human in an upright position when wanting attention, hoping for a belly rub, trying to stay cool on a hot day, or wanting to display their trust in you. It is nothing to be worried about nor does it indicate a health issue.

Some cats just mellow down and sit in this position. The cat will show it loves you and trusts you.

Final Thoughts

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