My Cat Keeps Meowing And Rubbing Against Everything! (Solved)

Being in a situation where the cat seems to be rubbing against everything is not an ideal sight to look at.

You will want to help the cat stop rubbing against things and that will include finding out what is causing a cat to rub against things.

What is the reason for a cat meowing and rubbing against everything?

Cats meow and rub against things when in heat, stressed, feeling itchy, or marking their territory. Pay attention to the cat’s behavior including whether it keeps scratching itself, how it behaves around other cats, and where it rubs itself.

This can often let you know whether the cat is in heat or it is simply marking its territory. Cats in new houses will often do this to leave a scent trail.

This article will look at why a cat keeps meowing and rubbing against everything.

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Reasons Cat Keeps Meowing And Rubbing Against Everything

1. The Cat Is In Heat

If you have a cat that rubs against everything, you will need to pinpoint whether or not it is in heat.

This happens when cats are not spayed.

They will begin to display signs of being in heat and that’s going to include rubbing against different items around the house. It is also going to happen throughout the day, which will make it more noticeable as a cat owner.

You will want to be aware of this as you are finding out more about what’s happening with the cat.

my cat keeps meowing and rubbing against everything

2. Itchiness

Does the cat seem to be itching itself a lot too?

This might mean the cat has fleas and/or a skin condition that is causing it to feel itchy. This is a natural reaction where the cat is going to want to rub against things as a way to relieve itself from the itchiness.

The best option is to pay attention to what the cat is doing when it is not rubbing against things. If it appears to be itching itself a lot then it is likely a rash or skin condition that has to be addressed as soon as possible.

3. Stressed

Is the cat stressed?

It’s possible the cat is stressed and has been dealing with a situation where it is unsure of what to do and simply begins to rub against items while doing so.

This can sometimes happen when a cat is in a new spot or it seems to be feeling unsafe in the spot it is in.

This is going to depend on the cat’s health and the best option is to make sure you are keeping the cat at ease.

This is a good way to make sure the cat feels safe and comfortable.

4. Marking Its Territory

If you have just adopted a cat or moved to a new house then this is a normal reaction.

Cats prefer marking their territory and they will want to make it their own. This is essential for cats as they want to ensure their scent trail is everywhere in the area they are going to be staying in.

As a result, you are going to see cats rubbing against items around the house and that is going to include furniture.

If this happens for a little while then that is all you are going to be dealing with. Just make sure it does not become a regular thing.

How To Stop Cat From Rubbing Against Everything

1. Buy A Cat Tree

So, how do you stop a cat from rubbing against things around the house?

The best option is to give the cat an outlet.

This is going to include a cat tree. The cat tree is good for cats because they are going to find it easier to settle in and feel comfortable scratching the tree too.

Cats prefer these trees and they are easy to set up indoors. You are also going to keep your furniture safe by doing this and that is never a bad thing.

2. Buy A Cat Bed

You will also want to take a look at buying a cat bed.

You don’t want a situation where the cat does not have a safe spot to rest in. This will make the cat uneasy and it might want to find different spots around the house to stay in, which also means it is going to rub against more things too.

The best option is to look for a well-sized cat bed that is going to be easy for the cat to rest in. It is something as simple as this that is going to make a difference in the cat’s health.

3. Check For Fleas

You will also want to see if the cat is dealing with fleas.

It is common to see this with outdoor cats. They are going to be exposed to the environment and that is going to include fleas.

When there are fleas in the cat’s fur, there is going to be itchiness and it is not going to be a pleasant experience for the cat.

You will want to find a flea treatment for cats to make sure the itchiness goes away.

Final Thoughts

Why is your cat meowing and rubbing against everything?

Cats meow and rub against everything when they are in heat, stressed, itchy, or marking territory as their own. It is common for cats to do this and the most important thing to do is observe what they do when not rubbing against things. If they are itchy, they will itch those areas regularly.

Cats sit in an upright position and sometimes it is nothing. The same can happen when a cat is rubbing against things.

You have to look for patterns and then decide what is best for the cat moving forward. This includes treating fleas on cats or a cat that is stressed out.