Do Cats Have Eyelashes? (Solved)

When you think of cats, you are not going to think of eyelashes.

This is why most cat owners will assume cats don’t have eyelashes and run with that idea. However, this is untrue and the answer is not as simple as you think.

Do cats have eyelashes?

Yes, most cat breeds have eyelashes but they are not easy to see as they can be shorter and hidden in the fur around the eyes. It is also important to note that cats have what is known as a third eyelid, which also hides the eyelashes.

However, cats do have eyelashes if you take a closer look.

This article will showcase how cats have eyelashes, the reasons cats have eyelashes, and why it is not easy to see a cat’s eyelashes.

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Do Cats Have Eyelashes?

Yes, cats have eyelashes but they are shorter than a human’s eyelashes and tend to be hidden by the fur and third eyelid. It’s also harder to spot due to the length of a cat’s eyelash. The cat eyelash is only easy to spot when you are looking for it carefully.

Cats eyelashes are a fascinating sight when you do take the time to look for them and spot them.

As long as you do this, you are going to be impressed by how they look.

Please note that some cat breeds don’t have eyelashes. One of those cat breeds would be the Sphynx as it does not have hair.

do cats have eyelashes

Reasons Cats Have Eyelashes

1. Protects From Dust And Debris

So, why does a cat have eyelashes?

Is there a biological reason for cats having eyelashes?

Yes, cats have eyelashes for a similar reason to humans. It is to keep the dust and debris out of the eyes, which can be troublesome for a cat when it is roaming around. This is a part of the evolutionary process of how cats have developed as time has gone on.

Since cats are going to be roaming around, it is quite easy for things to get into their eyes and the safety provided by the eyelashes will matter.

Cats are quite resilient as animals and it is due to these physical features that their eyes stay safe.

2. Helps Protect The Eye

It is not just about keeping dust out of the eyes or other harmful particles.

It is also important to make sure the eyes have a layer in front of them that will help nestle the eyes from potential damage.

This can be anything that might find its way around the eye. Just having another layer around the eye is a great positive and something that will make the cat’s eyes stay in good shape.

While the eyelashes are not as long as a human’s, they still do offer benefits for a cat.

Reasons You Can’t See Cat’s Eyelashes

1. Third Eyelid

Just like eyelashes, the cat has one more layer of protection that comes in the way when there are dust particles in the air.

A cat’s eye is going to be thoroughly protected by this third eyelid.

It is designed to keep the eye clean and that is essential for the cat as it is walking around outdoors.

However, this is also one of the reasons it is not easy to spot a cat’s eyelashes when you are looking at it.

You might miss it when you are trying to find the cat’s eyelashes and see where they start.

2. Shorter Length

It is also important to note that a cat’s eyelashes are going to be much shorter than a human’s.

This means they are not going to be easy to pinpoint unless you know where to look and how they are going to appear.

This is why the average person will assume a cat does not have eyelashes. Of course, some cat breeds will have slightly longer eyelashes compared to other breeds. While some breeds will not have eyelashes at all.

This is one of the main reasons people will not see a cat’s eyelashes.

3. Fur

This is a more obvious reason.

There is fur that is going to be all around the eyes. This is going to be far more prominent and robust, which means it is the first thing you are going to notice as a cat owner or a person that is looking at a cat.

The cat eyelashes are not going to stand out.

This is why you have to know where to look.

Final Thoughts

Do cats have eyelashes?

Yes, cats have eyelashes but they are shorter than a human’s. The eyelashes are often hidden due to the third eyelid, fur, and their length. However, most cat breeds have eyelashes and they are designed to keep the eyes safe.

It’s best to consider these details when looking at a cat’s eyes.

You might not see it when a cat is sitting face down, but your adorable cat will have eyelashes. When a cat blinks, they might be easier to spot.