Why Is Cat Losing Hair Around Eye? (Answered)

When you pay attention to your cat, it might seem like something is off. You might even go into a state of panic.

This is common when cat owners realize a cat is losing hair around the eye.

Why do cats lose hair around the eye?

Cats lose hair around the eye due to a condition called preauricular alopecia and it’s common with age. Cats can also lose hair on the body due to stress. If it’s widespread then it is likely stress or an infection. Otherwise, it is preauricular alopecia.

How do you treat this condition in cats?

The best option is to make sure you are giving the cat regular baths and ensuring it is stress-free. You will also want to visit a vet for a detailed inspection of the skin to ensure it is not dealing with unwanted infections.

This guide will take a look at why a cat loses hair around its eyes and what to do about it.

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Reasons Cat Is Losing Hair Around The Eye

1. Preauricular Alopecia

Cats that lose hair around the eye might be dealing with a condition called preauricular alopecia.

This condition is common in cats as they get older and it leads to hair loss near the eyes and ears.

You will notice the hair loss in cats is only going to be reserved for those spots. If that is the case then it is almost guaranteed to be preauricular alopecia.

2. Natural Aging

What if it has to do with other parts of the body?

It is also possible a cat is getting older.

If you have an older cat, it is common for them to start losing hair more often than they would when younger. This is just a part of the aging process and if the rest of the cat’s skin is in good health then there is nothing to worry about.

Just like humans lose a bit of hair as they get older, a cat might lose hair too as it gets older.

You can notice senior cats lose hair with time.

cat losing hair around eye

3. Stress

This is a concerning issue and it is when a cat is stressed.

If the hair loss is sudden then the cat might be dealing with a heightened sense of stress that is causing it to remain anxious.

This causes cats to lose hair.

A cat might lose hair around its eyes when this occurs.

You will want to find out if the cat is hiding all the time or if it seems to be going into a corner regularly. This is a sign the cat is stressed and might need to be worked on to help it remain calm.

How To Treat Cat Losing Hair Around Its Eyes

1. Check For Infection

So, how do you treat cats that lose hair around the eyes?

Cat hair loss around the eyes might be due to an infection. If there is a hidden infection then you are going to want to treat it with a cat shampoo or medication depending on how severe the situation is.

The best strategy for a situation such as this is to speak to a vet.

They will diagnose the cat and then figure out what has to happen to make sure it is in good health.

If there is an infection, you should be prepared for it as soon as possible.

2. Check For Fleas

Do you notice fleas on the cat’s body?

There are situations where a cat is going to be dealing with fleas. You will notice this when the cat begins rubbing against things and/or seem to be itching itself all over the body regularly.

When this occurs, you are going to have to make sure the cat is being treated with flea shampoo as soon as possible.

This is not comfortable for the cat to deal with and it is going to be going through bouts of itchiness throughout the day.

This is going to include hair loss in cats around the eyes.

3. Give The Cat Regular Baths

If a cat loses hair around the eyes, it is time to give it regular baths.

Some cats do not get bathed enough and that is one of the main issues they face as time goes on.

You have to make sure the cat is being bathed as it needs to be as that is a must to ensure the cat feels healthy and does not deal with major issues when it comes to its health.

It’s also good to demat a cat.

4. Reduce The Cat’s Stress

Cat hair loss around the eyes might be happening due to stress.

If that is the case, you will want to find ways to reduce the cat’s stress as much as you can.

How do you do this?

You will want to invest in cat toys and maybe set up a cat tree. This will help keep the cat preoccupied and it is going to calm down.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons a cat is losing hair around the eye.

Cats that lose hair around the eyes might be dealing with preauricular alopecia. This is hair loss between the eyes and ears. It is also possible the cat is losing hair due to aging, stress, or fleas.

The best thing a cat owner can do is make sure the cat is checked by a vet and give it regular baths.