Why Does My Dog Nibble My Other Dog? (Answered)

If a dog is nibbling on another dog’s neck, you are going to be concerned. This is not a sight any dog owner wants to see as it can become difficult to stop.

However, it is important to focus on what is causing this type of behavior to occur and what you can do about it right away.

You need to ask, why does my dog nibble my other dog?

A dog will nibble on other dogs as a sign of dominance, affection, and/or grooming. To prevent this from happening, stop the dog as soon as it happens, use treats to reward good behavior, and socialize the dog with other dogs.

As the dog becomes used to having other dogs nearby, it will stop nibbling. This is a great way to socialize the dog and make sure it behaves.

When a dog nibbles the other dog with its front teeth, you will need to address this issue as soon as possible.

Here is what you will have to do to stop a dog from nibbling other dogs.

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How To Stop Dog From Nibbling Your Other Dog

1. Stop The Dog Right Away

To prevent a dog from nibbling on other dogs, you need to step in right away.

Dogs will continue their behavior if they are not told to stop. This is essential because the dog owner has a great way to assert dominance and let the dog know it is not behaving.

If you step in constantly, the dog will know this is not good behavior and it has to stop.

During the earlier days of doing this, you are going to notice the dog will not stop nibbling on other dogs. It will be a slow process but you have to be as consistent as you can be.

The more you stop the dog, the better it is going to get at not doing it in the first place.

why does my dog nibble my other dog

2. Reinforce Good Behavior

If a big dog nibbles on a small dog, you should stop the behavior right away.

This is going to be done by using positive actions too. This includes rewarding the dog when it is not nibbling other dogs.

The dog is going to make the connection that it will be rewarded when it is not nibbling. It will take a bit of time for this to sink in but the results will come over time. You have to be patient.

In general, good behavior is a nice way to help settle the dog.

3. Use Distractions

You can also stop a dog from nibbling on another dog’s ears by using distractions.

This means finding other things a dog is going to be intrigued by at that moment. Perhaps, the dog has a toy that it likes? You could use that as a way to draw the dog away and make sure it is paying attention to the toy rather than the other dog.

It is once again important to tell the dog to stop as well.

You need to make sure the dog realizes that it should not be nibbling on another dog.

This is how you are going to put an end to this.

why does my dog nibble my other dog

4. Socialize With Other Dogs

It is going to take time for a dog to understand that it does not need to assert dominance over another dog.

This is a common issue that happens with dogs that have been alone for a while. They might not be aggressive but they are going to want to nibble around a bit.

To stop this, you will want to start socializing the dog with other dogs.

This is going to desensitize the dog and make it a lot more comfortable around others. This is key and it will take time if the dog is older.

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog nibble my other dog?

A dog will nibble on another dog to show dominance, affection, or begin the grooming process. It is recommended to stop this behavior by telling the dog to stop, rewarding it when it is not nibbling, and using distractions (i.e. toys, sounds).

This is how you are going to get a dog to stop nibbling on other dogs. You do not want to set up a process where the dog feels uncomfortable.

If you are taking the time to focus on this type of change, the dog will stop. It is all about putting in the time early on and the dog will stop nibbling.

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