Why Do Dogs Bury Their Heads? (Answered)

Dogs burying their heads can be odd to see.

Most dog owners are going to be unaware of what’s going on and the dog will continue to bury its head repeatedly. This can become a cause for concern depending on how often it’s happening and where it’s happening.

Why do dogs bury their heads?

Dogs bury their heads as a way to relax, soothe themselves in an anxious situation, or investigate a particular sound/scent. To stop a dog from burying its head, keep the dog active, provide it with an alternative (i.e. bed), and continue to mentally stimulate the dog.

This is how you are going to get a dog to stop burying its head all the time.

Here is a look at how to stop a dog from burying its head.

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How To Stop Dogs From Burying Their Heads

1. Keep The Dog Active

Why does my dog bury its head into me?

Dogs will bury their heads into you as a way to seek affection, relaxation, or because they are bored. This is why it’s important to keep the dog active and make sure it feels mentally stimulated during the day.

Dogs will often seek attention when they have restless energy in their bodies.

This is normal and it is something you are going to want to account for. You can do this by walking the dog more or playing with the dog more.

Keeping the dog active is going to make it far more alert and it is going to be less eager to bury its head. People can often be surprised when they are not taking the time to focus on what works for the dog over time.

If you are not keeping the dog active, it will continue with this behavior. It might not always happen outdoors.

You might ask, why does my dog bury his head in the couch?

The dog might bury its head in the couch as a sign of boredom or because it is attracted to a particular scent that is coming from there. This also shows the dog is not getting enough activity or is not being stimulated enough.

why do dogs bury their heads

2. Mentally Stimulate The Dog

As mentioned above, you will want to mentally stimulate the dog.

Some dogs get bored and then they will start running around more or tearing into things at home. This is something you will want to address or it is going to lead to issues with the dog’s behavior.

As a result, you want to use puzzles and/or other dog toys as a way to keep the dog busy.

3. Move The Dog To A Safer Spot

You will also want to think about a short-term solution.

In this case, you don’t want the dog to bury its head in unsafe spots outdoors. This is dangerous because the dog might end up putting its head where it does not belong and that is a major issue.

The better option is to teach the dog to bury its head in a bed on under a blanket. This might not be a good long-term solution but it is something that will keep the dog safe right now.

You can then begin to look at alternatives that will ensure the dog does stay as healthy as it needs to.

why do dogs bury their heads

4. Consider Medical Issues

It is important to rule out medical issues in a dog that is burying its head.

Some dogs will be dealing with a medical issue that is disorienting them or causing them to behave in this fashion.

For example, some dogs might have an infection or they might have been injured leading to this type of change in behavior. If you noticed a sudden change and there appear to be other symptoms to go along with the burying of its head, you will want to take the time to consult with a vet.

The vet is going to diagnose the condition and see if it is natural or if there is something else that’s going on.

Final Thoughts

Why do dogs bury their heads?

Dogs bury their heads when they are bored, intrigued by a particular sound/scent, or anxious. It can be a protective instinct. In general, to stop a dog from burying its head, redirect its attention, offer an alternative (i.e. bed/blanket), and keep the dog active.

The more you mentally stimulate the dog, the less it is going to do things such as this.

You have to be patient with the dog and continue to work with it. This is how you are going to engage the dog and it will stop burying its head everywhere.

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