What To Feed Baby Rabbits Without A Mother? (Answered)

Baby rabbits are just like other mammals and depend on their mother’s milk during the initial years of development.

It’s important to go through these details when caring for a rabbit to make sure they remain in good health.

This can lead to a situation where you need to know what to feed baby rabbits without a mother.

It’s recommended to use a kitten milk replacement or traditional milk formula for baby rabbits without a mother. It’s also okay to give water and/or fresh greens as the baby rabbits begin to grow.

In some cases, vets will recommend adding calories to the milk replacement to ensure the rabbit is meeting its caloric requirements. This will vary depending on the type of alternative you are using to rabbit milk.

Here are the most important tips on what to feed baby rabbits without a mother.

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Tips On What To Feed Baby Rabbits Without A Mother

1. Use Kitten Milk As A Replacement

Giving kitten milk to a baby rabbit is the way to go.

This is a great replacement for baby rabbits without a mom. They might not have access to a mother’s milk but the kitten milk replacement is going to do a good job.

It will be safe for the baby rabbit to drink and it will offer the nutritional requirements needed for the rabbit to grow.

Figuring out what to feed baby rabbits that are 3 months old can be challenging. Even if the baby rabbit is younger, it will be difficult.

The best approach is to stick to the kitten milk replacement after getting it from a local vet. They will be able to offer a solution that is going to work along with a few additional tips for the baby rabbits you’re dealing with.

This is a good starting point and will work better than a homemade rabbit milk replacer.

what to feed baby rabbits without a mother

2. Use A Formula

Now, it is time to look at a formula that can be used to give to baby rabbits.

To find this, you will need to go to the local pet store.

They will have access to a wide array of milk formulas based on the animal you are feeding. In this case, you are going to be looking for rabbit milk formula.

This will come in powdered form.

You can then mix it based on what the instructions say. It’s important to follow the instructions and make sure the rabbit milk is set at the right temperature for it to be useful to the baby rabbit.

3. Water

As the baby rabbit begins to grow, you are going to have to look at other solutions such as the implementation of water into what the rabbit is drinking.

The rabbit will be more than happy to stay hydrated.

This tends to be even more important when it is hot and the rabbit has to stay hydrated around the clock.

Keeping a bottle of water nearby for the baby rabbit is a good way to go.

You will want to focus on the rabbit milk but the water is going to be useful too. Even a small bowl of water for the baby rabbit is a good starting point.

what to feed baby rabbits without a mother

4. Greens (Spinach/Kale)

Now, it is time to take a look at solid foods.

Is there something that can be given to a baby rabbit to eat?

In general, you will want to stick to rabbit milk or the alternative that you have found. However, as the baby rabbit begins to grow, it will need solid foods.

This is when you are going to start to look at solutions such as kale and spinach. They will work well for the rabbit and they are going to enjoy the taste too.

Look into this when it is time to feed a baby rabbit.

Final Thoughts

This is the best advice on what to feed baby rabbits without a mother.

It’s best to use a kitten milk replacer to feed baby rabbits without a mother. You can also use traditional rabbit milk formula found at a local pet store. As the baby rabbit grows older, it’s ideal to have water and greens (i.e. kale/spinach) available for the rabbit.

Always take the time to reach out to a local vet.

They will take a look at the baby rabbit and pinpoint what the right strategy is. In general, you will see great value with the kitten milk replacer or even traditional rabbit milk formula from the pet store.

It will have the nutrients needed to help the baby rabbit grow safely.

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