Can Dogs Get Their Ears Pierced? (Answered)

Dogs with ears pierced seem like a fad that has been making the rounds recently.

Is this appropriate? Is this something a responsible dog owner should consider?

You will have to evaluate the details surrounding with ear piercings in dogs and what the process can entail. This includes asking, can dogs get their ears pierced?

Dogs cannot get their ears pierced. This process can be painful, lead to long-term discomfort, and might impact the dog’s ability to communicate or hear. Due to the cosmetic nature of this procedure, it’s recommended to not put a dog through it.

This is something that will increase the risk of hurting the dog and that’s the last thing a dog owner will want.

You should not pierce a dog’s ears. This is harmful and it will lead to a long list of issues that can be avoided.

Here are the main reasons a dog should not get its ears pierced.

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Reasons Dogs Should Not Get Their Ears Pierced

1. Pain

Let’s begin with the obvious reason.

A disadvantage of getting a dog’s ears pierced comes down to pain. Why put the dog through this type of pain when the piercing is not going to have tangible value in the dog’s life?

The dog is going to be confused as to why it’s going through this type of pain and it will lead to potential anxiety around humans.

This is not just a short-term issue but could lead to long-term concerns due to the pain that comes with an ear piercing.

The dog is going to feel a great amount of pain due to the piercing. This is something the dog is going to remember and it will lead to issues with social integration later. The dog might also continue to feel pain in the area, which is going to cause it to rub the area aggressively.

can dogs get their ears pierced

2. Infection

A dog ear piercing can also lead to an infection.

The area where the piercing is going to get impacted to the point it will be uncomfortable and is going to start to look inflamed.

You have to think about this when it comes to the dog’s long-term health.

The infection can begin to spread and this will lead to health issues for the dog. You don’t want to let this happen and the best way to avoid it is to make sure you are not getting the dog’s ears pierced.

This will create a situation where the dog is uncomfortable and is in considerable pain due to the infection.

3. Potential For Loss of Hearing

Now, it’s time to take a look at long-term issues that are far more detrimental to the dog’s quality of life.

This begins with the potential loss of hearing.

Depending on how the dog’s ears are pierced, it is possible the dog is going to have a difficult time communicating. Dogs are reliant on their hearing and it is important for the ears to work as required.

If there are hurdles in this regard, the dog might not hear as well as it needs to.

This is not a good sign and it will do more harm than good in the dog’s life. This is why ear piercings for dogs are not a good idea.

can dogs get their ears pierced

4. General Discomfort Due To The Piercing

One of the cons of ear piercings in dogs comes down to discomfort.

The dog is not going to enjoy the sensation that comes with the ear piercing and this alone is something you will want to consider.

If there is discomfort, this sis going to cause the dog to paw at its ear and rub against it. This will irritate the ear and that’s the last thing you are going to want when it comes to keeping the dog safe.

It’s better to not pierce a dog’s ear because of this reality.

The pain is going to be hard to tolerate and it will not work out as required.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs get their ears pierced?

Dogs should not get their ears pierced. It will cause unnecessary pain, discomfort, and can also lead to an infection. It’s better to avoid piercing the dog’s ear as it will do more harm than good.

Dogs are not supposed to get piercings and it will also hamper their ability to hear. You will want to be careful when working on the dog’s ears and that is going to include not moving forward with piercings.

Focus on this when it comes to keeping the dog safe. You do not want to take a risk like this.

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