Are Rabbits And Rodents Related? (Answered)

When observing rabbits, it’s easy to compare them to rodents.

You will often wonder how rabbits evolved into their current state. Is there a connection with rodents that you might be unaware of? Are rabbits and rodents related?

No, rabbits and rodents are not related. In fact, research shows rabbits are related to primates when it comes to evolution. Just like shrews and hedgehogs, rabbits are not in the same family as rodents.

This is something many people get confused about due to the overall look of a rabbit and where they are located.

To better understand why this is not the case, it’s important to compare rabbis and rodents. This will help analyze how they are different.

Here is a comparison between rabbits and rodents to show why they are different.

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Comparing Rabbits And Rodents

1. Closer To Primates

Let’s begin with the scientific understanding of where rabbits come from.

In general, rabbits are part of what is called the “Leporids,” which are not the same family as rodents.

It’s easy to assume they would be in the same species when that is not the case. Instead, rabbits are closer to primates when it comes to evolution.

This is something to keep a note of when understanding other elements associated with the rabbi and where they come from.

are rabbits and rodents related

2. Size

It’s also important to take a look at the size of the rabbit.

This is something that is going to differ from general rodents. If you notice, rabbits have a different build and they are also larger than the average rodent.

This is simply due to being from a different species.

It’s important to remain aware of this difference because it does stand out to those who are looking to analyze the differences between rabbits and rodents.

What are rabbits related to?

Rabbits are related to primates including monkeys, humans, and apes. It’s essential to understand this as they are often assumed to be related to rodents.

3. General Behavior

It’s also essential to pay attention to their general disposition.

Rabbits will often be scared of rats based on what has been seen in the wild. They can get attacked by rats too, which depends on where they are located.

This indicates a slight difference in personalities.

For the most part, a rabbit is going to steer clear of rodents and will not mingle with them. This does not mean they are not related but it does show a difference in how they view each other.

are rabbits and rodents related

4. Habitat

It is also good to take a look at where they reside.

Rats and rabbits can leave in the same area. This is why they will often cross paths even though rabbits prefer not to be around rats.

In general, a rabbit is going to run away when it sees a rat. This is due to self-preservation as the rabbit tends to be shy and does not like confrontation. Rats are a bit more aggressive and will be willing to move toward a rabbit if they need to.

It is due to them being in the same area that there is confusion about their relationship. While rabbits and rodents are not related, it is easy to get confused due to them living in the same place.

Final Thoughts

Are rabbits and rodents related?

Rabbits and rodents are not related. Rabbits are closely related to primates such as apes, monkeys, and humans. It is a myth that rabbits are in the same family as rodents.

It is important to keep this in mind when understanding how rabbits are and where they reside. While rabbits and rats do cross paths from time to time, they are not in the same family.

Rabbits have a different build and they are also unique when it comes to their place in the food chain.

In general, rabbits and rodents are not in the same family and they do not share the same genetic makeup.

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