How To Get Dog To Sleep In Dog Bed (Simple)

Putting a dog bed in place is not always going to work as required.

You will often be surprised by how a dog is going to react. This can include situations where you are left saying, “My dog won’t sleep in his bed anymore!” with no solution in sight.

Keeping this in mind, you will need to figure out how to get a dog to sleep in the dog bed.

To get a dog to sleep in the dog bed, always choose a comfortable and well-sized bed. Next, put the dog’s bed in a safe spot and use a positive scent (i.e. mother’s blanket) while maintaining a consistent sleep schedule.

This is how you are going to attract the dog with the bed. They will like being there and that positive experience is something that will resonate with the dog when it’s time to sleep.

This article will show you a few tips on how to get a dog to sleep in a dog bed.

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Tips On How To Get Dog To Sleep In Dog Bed

1. Choose A Comfortable Dog Bed

When learning how to get a dog to sleep in her bed at night, it’s essential to make sure the bed itself is cozy.

If the dog bed is too small or too hard, it is not going to be worth it.

The dog will not want to rest in the bed and it is going to head in the opposite direction. You should always choose a bed that’s cozy because that’s what matters the most.

Take a step back and observe how the dog bed is. Is the bed comfortable and well-sized? Is it something the dog is going to want to rest in?

If not, this is the main reason your dog is not sleeping in the dog bed. It will not want to be there as it is not easy to sleep in.

how to get dog to sleep in dog bed

2. Put The Dog Bed In A Safe Spot

Training a dog to sleep in a dog bed comes down to safety.

Dogs prefer resting in spots that are comfortable because it’s the only way they are going to rest well.

If it is not easy to sleep in the dog’s bed, why will the dog want to be there? The same goes for dog beds that are set up in high-traffic areas where it is not easy to sleep.

A good dog bed is only useful when it is in the right spot. Make sure it is not too hot or too cold in the area while also making sure it is as cozy as it needs to be.

3. Use A Positive Scent

You are now going to want to use a positive scent.

This is another mistake that’s made by people and it’s not an issue you should be facing. To get a dog to sleep in its bed, you will want to make use of a positive scent.

What is a positive scent for dogs?

A positive scent is something the dog finds comforting. This can be its mother’s blanket or perhaps something that has your scent.

If the dog finds it comforting, they are more likely to want to sleep with it around them.

how to get dog to sleep in dog bed

4. Maintain A Consistent Sleep Schedule

The last tip is to maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

Dog owners have to understand dogs need to follow patterns. This goes for anything including being able to go for a walk at a certain time of the day.

If they are not getting to sleep at the right time of the day, they are going to become uncomfortable and that’s not a good sign. You will notice the dog is going to have a lot of energy and/or is not going to be interested in resting.

This can become a reason for the dog not wanting to sleep in the dog’s bed.

Final Thoughts

This is what works as you learn how to get a dog to sleep in a dog bed.

To get a dog to sleep in a dog bed, start by choosing a cozy dog bed that is properly sized. Next, make sure the dog bed is put in a safe part of the house and use a positive scent like a mother’s blanket to keep the dog happy. It is also recommended to ensure the dog has a consistent sleep schedule.

These changes are going to help build that positive connection between the dog and the bed. It is going to want to go to the dog bed when it is time to rest and it can be done with these simple changes.

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