Why Do Dogs Like to Play? (Explained)

Dogs are known for being eager when it comes to playtime.

They will run to you when it’s time to play fetch or tug of war. It’s natural for them to want to run around and it might be more than just going for a walk.

With this in mind, why do dogs like to play?

Dogs like to play because it’s a part of their instinct. Increased playtime will help burn energy, stay fit, and practice hunting skills. This is not only common among pet dogs but also wild dogs.

Dog owners can help manage a dog’s playtime by understanding these benefits. A dog should play more as it will help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

To come up with the right schedule, it’s essential to learn more about why a dog likes to play. This article will shed light on the main reasons dogs love to play.

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Reasons Dogs Like To Play

1. Burns Energy

Why do dogs like to play fetch?

Dogs like to play fetch because it helps burn energy and keeps them occupied. This is one of the leading advantages of incorporating fetch into what a dog is doing.

It’s going to help keep the dog healthy and they will have a great time too.

Dogs have a lot of excess energy when they are indoors. In the wild, they might run around to burn off this energy but the same is not going to happen indoors with a pet dog.

Dog owners need to realize how to burn a dog’s energy.

To do this the right way, it’s good to incorporate different games for dogs into their daily routine. This can include going for a walk but also playing fetch with the dog is a nice way to help burn energy.

Dogs that have too much energy can end up making a mess at home. They will run around indoors and tear things up because of that energy.

Don’t let this happen and make sure the dog does get to play.

why do dogs like to play

2. Helps Practice Hunting Skills

Why do dogs like to play tug of war?

Dogs like to play tug of war because it helps burn energy but also practice their hunting skills. These hunting skills are important in the wild and also an instinct for dogs. They work on these skills so they can use them when necessary.

It’s important for dogs to feel like they are working on these skills. It comes naturally to them.

This is one of the main benefits of playing with your dog. You are not only going to bond with the dog during playtime but they are also going to get to work on their skills.

3. Reduces Stress

You will have to understand there is a mental health component to all of this too.

Dogs do begin to see increased signs of stress and anxiety when they are holed up indoors. This is commonly seen when you are not taking the dog for enough walks during the week.

They are going to get antsy.

To avoid this, you will want to play with the dog to reduce stress. This will make them feel better over time.

Look into this to make sure the dog is happy.

why do dogs like to play

4. Helps Stay Fit

Why does my dog always want to play with me?

Dogs will always want to play with you because it’s a great way to stay fit. They are naturally inclined to run around and be active. They need to stay strong as a dog and that is what allows them to increase their lifespan.

If your dog is not getting enough playtime, it is going to become noticeable in its physical health.

This is not a good sign and it’s something you will want to take the time to address.

Final Thoughts

Why do dogs like to play?

Dogs like to play because it comes naturally to them. Dogs will often play to stay physically fit, reduce stress, and burn off excess energy. It is also a great way to practice hunting skills, which can be useful for the dog.

In general, it is good for dog owners to incorporate playtime into a dog’s routine.

What type of play you are going to do with the dog is going to come down to the dog’s preferences.

Some will like to play fetch while others are going to enjoy a game of tug of war. This comes down to the dog’s needs.

Allot time for a dog’s playtime to make sure they stay healthy and enjoy their day.

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