Do Rabbits Like The Cold? (Answered)

Rabbits will deal with different weather conditions during the year.

This is common for rabbits in different climates, but it’s important to understand what rabbits can tolerate outside.

This includes wondering, do rabbits like the cold?

Rabbits don’t mind the cold. They can handle temperatures between 10-20 degrees celsius due to their fur. It’s important to note that there is a limit to what rabbits can tolerate. White rabbits can freeze to death if it’s too cold.

Most rabbits will go into hiding or into their burrow when it’s too cold. This is common in places where the temperature does drop from time to time.

It’s important to think about this when it comes to keeping a rabbit warm in the winter.

Here are a few tips on how to keep a rabbit warm when it’s cold outside.

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How To Keep A Rabbit Warm

1. Use A Heat Source

Do rabbits get cold at night?

Yes, rabbits can get cold at night depending on what the temperature is. It’s essential to use some type of heat source if the rabbit is indoors.

This can include general heating as a way to stabilize how the rabbit feels. Others will use a heater as a way to keep the rabbit warm.

This comes down to what is available to you.

The one thing you are not going to want to do is to leave the rabbits out in the cold. This is going to become difficult for the rabbit and they will get hypothermia.

Can rabbits die in the cold?

Yes, rabbits can die in the cold, which is why it’s important to stabilize the temperature. While they can handle specific temperatures, this does not mean a rabbit should be left in the cold to withstand the dropping temperature.

It’s better to keep the rabbit indoors if they are a pet.

do rabbits like the cold

2. Provide Stable Bedding

Now, it is time to look at where the rabbit is going to be spending most of its time when it is cold.

The rabbit is going to want to stay in its bedding.

To do this, it is important to use the right type of bedding for a rabbit. Warm bedding for rabbis will make a serious difference in how they feel.

It is best to look to use something like hay or straw. This is going to be warmer than other materials and will keep the rabbit happy.

3. Avoid Moisture In The Area

It is also essential to think about how dry the area is where the rabbit is staying.

If the rabbit is outdoors, it is not going to want to stay where water is everywhere. This is not good in the cold and it is going to cause the rabbit to feel colder outdoors.

The better option is to make sure the area is dry. This also goes for any bedding that is used for the rabbit.

If there is moisture in the area, this is going to drop the temperature making it colder for the rabbit.

A dry area is a must as that is how the rabbit is going to maintain a stable temperature. This does make a difference and it’s something to think about as a rabbit owner.

do rabbits like the cold

4. Keep The Rabbit Well-Fed

Are you taking the time to feed the rabbit regularly?

If the rabbit is not getting enough food, this is not good for the rabbit’s health. It’s essential to make sure they are well-fed as that is going to ensure they can stay warm and their body does not fall ill quickly.

If there is not enough food available for the rabbit, this is going to impact how it feels during the day. This will get worse when it is cold.

You need to find out how to tell if a rabbit is cold. They will be hunched and will likely be in a ball. They will also be shivering.

It’s better to make sure they are well-fed and that you are bringing the rabbit inside when it’s cold. This is assuming the rabbit is a pet.

Final Thoughts

Do rabbits like the cold?

Rabbits don’t mind the cold but it depends on what the temperature is. Rabbits have fur, which helps keep them warm in the cold. Most rabbits will tolerate temperatures around 10-20 degrees Celsius. It’s always recommended to use warm bedding to keep rabbits cozy (i.e. hay or straw).

If a rabbit is being kept outside, it’s important to pay attention to the temperature. If it is too cold, it is better to bring the rabbit inside during the winter.

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