Can Rabbits Kill Rats? (Answered)

Rabbits are known for being scared animals that will not go after others.

However, is this always going to be the case? Are there situations where the rabbit is going to go after an animal?

This is an important thing to look into when determining how a rabbit is going to behave. This includes asking, can rabbits kill rats?

Rabbits can kill rats but it’s rare. Most rabbits will avoid confronting a rat and will prefer to run away or hide. This is due to the rat inflicting damage and/or transmitting disease.

The only time a rabbit is going to attack a rat is in self-defense. This is when the rabbit will feel like the rat is getting too close or it’s attacking them.

In a scenario such as this, it’s normal for the rabbit to go after the rat. It won’t happen all the time but it’s possible.

Here are the main ways a rabbit is going to respond when a rat is nearby.

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How Do Rabbits Behave Around Rabbits

1. Prefer To Flee

Rabbits do not keep rats away.

Instead, it’s possible rats are going to keep rabbits away from an area. Rats tend to be a bit more aggressive with their intent when around rabbits and will be more than happy to take a bite if possible.

This means it is essential for the rabbit to stay safe around rats.

To do this, the rabbit is likely going to run in the opposite direction. This is something a rabbit will do out of instinct as it will help keep the rabbit safe.

Most rabbits are going to sense movement with the rat nearby and that will be enough for them to run.

Rats can get into rabbit hutches, which means it is essential to keep the hutch safe. This is the only way to ensure the rabbit does not get hurt.

can rabbits kill rats

2. Don’t Go One-On-One

Most rabbits are capable of going up against a rat but that does not mean they are going to.

The average rabbit will want to avoid a scenario where they are being put in front of a rat. It is not something they are going to go out of their way to deal with.

This is why most rabbits are not going to go one-on-one.

They are going to prefer to hide and/or run away from the rat.

The reason a rabbit is not going to fight a rat comes down to potential damage. They don’t want a situation where the rabbit gets hurt as it will be difficult to heal.

3. Rats Can Harm Rabbits

Rats can do a tremendous amount of harm with their bites.

This is seen with all types of animals and rabbits are no different. Most rabbits are not going to be in an aggressive mood and will likely want to hide from the rat.

This means they are going to be prone to get attacked if they are out in the open. This is why rabbits don’t like being around rats.

If a rat bites a rabbit, this is going to create a situation where the rabbit gets sick. The possibility of disease spreading to the rabbit is a major concern and it can become a fatal concern.

This is why it’s essential for rabbits to avoid getting into fights with rats.

can rabbits kill rats

4. Hide

This is the simplest solution when it comes to rabbits and rats.

Rabbits will often have spots where they can hide when they are out in the open. Since they are not high up in the food chain, they are going to be more than willing to go into a burrow as a way to stay safe.

Rats will attempt to follow them but they might not be able to depend on where the rabbit is going.

This is why hiding is often the way to go for a rabbit that is running from a rat.

Final Thoughts

Can rabbits kill rats?

Rabbits can kill rats but will often avoid doing so. Rabbits prefer avoiding confrontation unless it’s for self-defense. This means they will either run or hide from rats as the rat can do damage with its bite.

Most rabbits will sense movement when there is a rat nearby and that will be enough for them to rush in the opposite direction.

If there are rats near a rabbit, it’s also important to keep them safe. This is common for rabbit owners that are leaving their rabbits out in the open.

It’s best to not do this as that is going to increase the risk of the rats harming your rabbits.

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