Are Rabbits Scared Of The Dark? (Answered)

Rabbits are not high up the food chain, which means they are going to be far more anxious than other animals.

This is commonly seen with wild rabbits but it is also noticeable with pet rabbits.

They are going to be far more responsive to environmental changes, which might seem dangerous to them. You will often see the rabbit hide as soon as these changes are made and that’s not good.

A good question to ask is, are rabbits scared of the dark?

Rabbits are not scared of the dark but do prefer to stay safe when the sun is down. This includes completing all of their activities during the day (i.e. eating). When it’s dark, rabbits will often hide in a burrow and remain close to other rabbits.

Rabbits do this as a way to stay safe when predators are lurking around. Since all of their main activities are done between dusk and dawn, it’s easy for the rabbit to do this without wasting energy.

Here are the ways rabbits stay safe in the dark.

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How Do Rabbits Stay Safe In The Dark

1. Finding Hiding Spots (Burrows)

Rabbits are not terrified of the dark but will find hiding spots as a way to stay alive.

This is a simple solution that will ensure predators can’t get to them in the wild.

This can include finding hiding spots (i.e. burrows).

For pet rabbits, they are going to look to go to where they sleep at night. This is their “safe space” and that is what they are going to aim for when it gets dark inside.

It’s important to create a safe space for rabbits to make sure they do feel cozy at night. Otherwise, some pet owners will set up a night light for their rabbit and that works as well.

Rabbits are not scared of the night but it is still important to focus on this element.

are rabbits scared of the dark

2. Complete Key Activities Between Dusk And Dawn

The rabbit needs to complete most of their key activities during a specific time of the day.

This is going to be between dusk and dawn.

The light is going to be good during this period, which allows the rabbit to roam around and find the food they are looking for. They will eat during this period and make sure they are full for the day before venturing towards their burrow.

This is going to make sure they feel comfortable with how things are going on.

Completing key activities is a must when it comes to staying safe for rabbits.

3. Remain Near Other Rabbits

Rabbits are not scared in the night but most will like to stay close to other rabbits.

The reason for doing this is to make sure they are safe together.

This is normal for the rabbit and they are going to do this as self-preservation. A pet rabbit will also look to stay close but that can happen by going to where they rest during the night.

It’s all about creating a safe space and that can be done in numerous ways depending on the rabbit’s environment.

If there are other rabbits around then it is likely going to go toward them.

are rabbits scared of the dark

4. Avoid Known Predator Areas

Rabbits will often remain away from known predator areas.

This is going to depend on the environment.

If there are specific areas where predators are more frequent, these are the areas rabbits are not going to remain in for too long. They are smart enough to not do this and they will certainly avoid those areas during the night.

This needs to happen to make sure the rabbit stays alive.

Since they can’t see as well during the night, they will want to avoid those areas during that time of the day.

Final Thoughts

Are rabbits scared of the dark?

Rabbits are not scared of the dark. However, rabbits do use self-preservation techniques when the light is not good. This can include remaining in their burrow, finding a hiding spot, completing all activities during the day, and finding other rabbits to be around.

It comes down to what is going to keep the rabbit safe at night.

If they feel safe, it is easier to stay alive too. This is why you are not going to see a rabbit venturing out in the open when the light is bad.

Rabbits at home will also do this. They will look to find a hiding spot when it is dark inside. This is simply a way to stay safe and it comes naturally to them.

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