African Dogs That Hunt Lions (With Examples)

When it comes to finding some of the toughest and most daring dog breeds on the planet, it’s time to head to Africa.

These dog breeds are some of the most fierce and brave when it comes to dealing with larger animals. While most people will be aware of traditional dog breeds, it’s time to look at others that are found in Africa.

This includes African dogs that hunt lions.

African dogs that hunt lions are known as the Rhodesian Ridgeback. This dog breed is specifically noted for its ability to round up lions and attack them. However, other African dog breeds that can work against lions in packs include the Boerboel, Azawakh, and Africanis.

It’s fascinating to see how these dogs attack lions in packs. With the right number of dogs, they can overwhelm the lions even if a one-on-one fight wouldn’t be fair.

With this in mind, it’s time to dig deeper into this subject to learn more about the top African dogs that hunt lions.

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Top African Dogs That Hunt Lions

1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Let’s begin with the ultimate lion-hunting dog breed.

This is a dog breed that is renowned for its ability to manage lions. There was a time when this dog would be used as a way to hunt lions and it would put up a tremendous fight.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a fearsome dog breed.

When it comes to the Rhodesian Ridgeback vs lions, the battle is a close one as they hunt together. It was often seen how the dogs would round up the lions and go around them as a way to attack.

This is a dog that can kill a lion if it wants to.

It simply comes down to working on the lion and making sure the right approach is taken. When attacking in packs, this is a dog breed that is strong enough to harm a lion.

african dogs that hunt lions

2. Boerboel

Now, it’s time to look at dog breeds that can keep lions away.

The Boerboel dog is a powerful dog breed. With its muscular build and robust skeletal setup, this is a dog breed that packs a punch in the Savannah.

When it comes to African dogs that hunt lions, this is one of the stronger ones.

For the most part, it will look for prey that is easier to go after and will avoid lions. However, in the right setting, it is quite possible for the Boerboel to go after a lion. It can be done in a pack as they work together to attack the lion.

This is an African dog that can fight lions. It simply comes down to the right type of situation for the dog.

3. Azawakh

This West African dog breed is sleek, strong, and has the speed to make a difference when attacking a lion.

The Azawakh are resourceful when it comes to outwitting a lion and being able to go after larger foes depending on the situation in front of them.

Due to their impressive speed, they can outwit a lion and also keep them away from where they want to go.

This is seen from time to time in the wild and it’s something that does make the West African dog breed a unique one.

african dogs that hunt lions

4. Africanis

Going back 7,000 years, the Africanis is a proven dog breed found in Southern Africa.

This makes it a potent dog breed that has evolved in the region and understands the various intricacies of being in the Savannah.

This includes dealing with lions.

Africanis can hunt lions but it has to be done in packs. For the most part, they would look to keep the lions away and have the ability to do so when working together.

While they might not be as fierce or as strong as the Rhodesian Ridgeback, they do pack a punch when it comes to handling a larger foe.

Final Thoughts

Which African dogs hunt lions?

African dogs that hunt lions start with the Rhodesian Ridgeback. This specific dog breed has been renowned for its ability to attack and hunt lions depending on the situation. Other dog breeds in the continent that do attack lions include the Africanis, Azawakh, and Boerboel breeds.

These are some of the most powerful dog breeds on the planet and they can go up against anyone including lions.

Due to how long these breeds have been around the region, they have evolved to understand how to go up against animals such as lions.

In the past, it was common to use dogs as a way to hunt lions. They would train them to do so.

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