What Human Foods Can A Dog Eat? (With Examples)

Dogs love eating.

This also means they can end up eating foods that are not good for their health. In a bid to devour as much food as they can, dogs will get overeager and end up eating dangerous foods.

This is why it’s important to find out which human foods are safe for dogs to eat.

Dogs can eat human foods including plain rice, blueberries, chicken, beef, pork, sweet potatoes, turkey, bananas, and broccoli to name a few. It’s important to make sure dogs do eat their kibble and don’t overdo human food consumption.

From time to time, it’s okay to give these foods to them. Meat is a common part of the dog’s diet, so giving them meat products without bones is fine.

However, it is best to look to find the best dog food for your dog and make that the main part of their dietary intake.

Here is a list of human foods dogs can eat.

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List Of Human Foods A Dog Can Eat

1. Chicken

What human food can puppies eat?

Puppies can eat a wide array of human food, these will include chicken, beef, turkey, and pork to name a few.

It’s important to start with chicken as this can be an easy meat to give to dogs.

Chicken works well because it’s full of protein, offers a safe meat option, and will not have as many bones to contend with depending on the type of chicken meat given to the dog.

what human foods can a dog eat

2. Pork

It’s also important to look at another meat source that is popular among humans.

Dogs love pork and are more than happy to consume it.

It is recommended to give this type of meat in smaller amounts and ensure they are not overdoing it. As long as that is the case, a little bit of pork is nice from time to time.

3. Beef

This is another classic meat that is consumed by humans and it will work for dogs too.

It is a great source of protein.

Beef works well because it is not going to have too many bones in it and that allows the dog to digest it easily.

It is recommended to only give a small amount of red meat to dogs.

4. Turkey

Turkey will work well for dogs and they do enjoy this just as much as other types of meat.

Dogs can eat turkey, which is why the taste will appeal to them.

This meat is a good source of protein and a long list of vitamins while also being nourishing. This is good for dogs that might need a quick meal.

5. Bananas

Now, let’s take a look at a few fruits that are consumed by humans.

It is going to start with one of the more popular ones in the form of a banana.

Dogs can eat bananas and the potassium will be good for their digestive health too. It will allow them to get a nice perk in the form of an energy boost.

what human foods can a dog eat

6. Blueberries

These are going to be a nice addition to the dog’s diet.

Blueberries are full of key anti-oxidants that will keep the dog happy. It is good for their gut health but it’s important to be patient with how many blueberries you are giving to the dog.

Once again, don’t overdo it!

7. Broccoli

Now, let’s take a look at the veggies a dog can eat.

Dogs can eat broccoli and might like it more than the average human. This is why it is never a bad idea to give them a few to see whether or not they like the taste.

Broccoli has vitamins that are good for the dog’s gut health.

8. Green Beans

Just like broccoli, green beans are another human food that dogs can eat.

Dogs will like green beans because they are easy to consume and will not bother their digestive well-being.

It is recommended to give a few green beans to the dog to see how they respond. Most will like a few bites.

9. Plain Rice

Now it is time to take a look at the carbs.

Plain rice is a good option when it comes to giving the dog a quick meal.

They should not only be eating plain rice during the month. This is not good for them in such a large quantity. It is best to give it once or twice to see how they like it.

10. Sweet Potatoes

The last item on the list would be sweet potatoes and they are good for dogs.

Dogs like sweet potatoes because they are easy to munch on and they are sweet. This will appeal to the dog and they are going to like the energy rush they’re going to get from it.

Final Thoughts

What human foods can a dog eat?

Dogs can eat human foods such as chicken, pork, beef, turkey, sweet potatoes, broccoli, bananas, and plain rice to name a few. It’s recommended to not overdo these feedings and make sure the main part of the dog’s diet involves dog food.

This is the best way to make sure the dog remains healthy and its lifespan is maximized.

Yes, dogs can eat human foods but they should not be the main part of what they are consuming as that is dangerous.

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