My Rabbit Bit Me And Drew Blood! (Solved)

A rabbit biting you is a terrible sign.

It’s important to not overreact and make sure you are medically fit. This includes speaking to a specialist and getting the bite looked at. This is essential before you begin working on the rabbit and its aggression.

Once you are fine, it’s time to figure out why a rabbit bit you and drew blood.

If a rabbit bites and draws blood, it’s best to get the bite checked by a doctor. Next, it’s essential to reduce stressful elements from the environment (i.e. noises, strong scents), avoid waving your hands around the rabbit and give it time to come to you.

A lot of rabbit owners will become assertive with their presence. This means going up to the anxious rabbit and cornering them. This will make the rabbit worried and defensive as they are still not used to you.

Rabbits are social and wonderful as long as they trust you. This will take time with a new rabbit in your life.

If the rabbit is biting, this means it is on the defensive with you nearby. It is either due to your cornering them or waving your hands too much when they are not comfortable.

Let’s take a look at how to stop a rabbit from biting you.

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How To Stop Rabbit From Biting You

1. Don’t Block The Rabbit

It is dangerous for a rabbit to bite you and that is especially true with a wild rabbit.

If it is a pet rabbit, you will still want to get it looked at by a specialist. Next, it is time to figure out how to get a rabbit to stop biting.

This will be done by looking at your positioning when the rabbit wants to bite. Are you cornering them against a hard place where they can’t get away?

This happens and the rabbit’s defensive reaction is reasonable. They will not want to be cornered.

my rabbit bit me and drew blood

2. Avoid Waving Hands Around The Rabbit

You will also want to avoid waving your hands around the rabbit.

This is not good for the rabbit and it will want to bite you. Stopping a rabbit from biting you is all about not putting yourself in the position to get bit.

This includes not putting your hand near the rabbit’s mouth. They might see this as aggression and want to defend themselves with a bite.

A rabbit can bite a finger off if given the chance. This is why you want to be careful. Do not make sudden movements around the rabbit or it will respond like this even if they are used to you.

3. Let The Rabbit Come To You

Let’s assume the rabbit is new to the home.

You do not want to keep holding the rabbit and cornering it. This is not a good thing as the rabbit will already be anxious.

They will want to find a quiet place to stay in.

You want the rabbit to get used to the environment for a while and just be there. You don’t even have to look at the rabbit. They will know you are not a threat after a while and perhaps come up to you.

This is going to take a bit of time but that’s alright. This is an investment into bonding with the rabbit.

my rabbit bit me and drew blood

4. Avoid Stressful Triggers In The Rabbit’s Environment

Preventing a rabbit from biting you is all about knowing what is going to stress them out.

You do not want a situation where the rabbit is triggered.

This is going to make them uncomfortable.

They are not going to like the idea of being put in this situation and they will panic. This can include too many people walking around, dogs, or other pets. This can also include loud noises.

You want to make sure the rabbit does not have to deal with this as they will panic.

Final Thoughts

My rabbit bit me and drew blood!

If a rabbit bites and draws blood, immediately get the wound checked by a doctor. Next, avoid cornering the rabbit and make sure to not wave your hands near the rabbit’s face. This will make it anxious and defensive. It’s best to let the rabbit come to you as it gets used to the environment.

This is the only way to respond to a rabbit biting you.

Even if a rabbit bites when you are holding it, this is due to sudden movements. When they are uncomfortable, they are going to bite.

You have to avoid this by making the rabbit as cozy as possible in your presence.

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