How Far Can Cats Smell Catnip? (Solved)

Catnip is intriguing for cats and something they will adore as soon as they have access to it.

Due to this intrigue, it’s important to understand how to handle catnip around your cat along with how sensitive they are to it.

This will vary from cat to cat including the environment you are in.

How far can cats smell catnip?

Cats can smell catnip up to four miles away from their current location. This is due to their strong noses. They can pick up the scent and distinguish it from others quickly. To hide catnip from a cat, always store it in a sealed container and keep it out of reach.

Cats are inquisitive animals and will follow the scent trail if the catnip is left out in the open. This will not work out and they will get to it.

Use a stored container and follow the tips in this guide to make sure the catnip is out of the cat’s reach at home.


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How To Hide Catnip From Cat At Home

1. Place High Above Ground

The location of the catnip is the first thing you are going to want to analyze.

Where are you putting it?

For the most part, you are going to want to put it as high as possible in the house. This might not always be possible but you do want to consider your options in a situation such as this.

For example, a good spot would be putting the catnip in the pantry on the highest shelf. Doing this is going to make sure the cat cannot walk over to the catnip and knock it over.

Putting it higher up is going to make it much harder for the cat to get to the catnip even if it can smell it.

It is also best to make sure the catnip is put in a spot that is locked. This will also act as a barrier the cat can’t get past.

how far can cats smell catnip

2. Use A Sealed Container

To hide catnip from a cat, you will want to think about how it’s stored.

This is the main thing to look into.

You want to make sure the container is kept sealed and it is not going to let the scent leak. This is what the cat is going to pick up on and you are going to notice it right away.

The best option is to find a sealed container to store the catnip. It will ensure the scent train is non-existent and it is easy to put away the catnip when it’s not being used.

3. Don’t Show The Cat Where The Catnip Is Being Stored

This is a common mistake.

You will know the catnip is going to be used from time to time.

This is normal and it’s something you are going to want to do for your cat. However, this does not mean you are going to want to show the cat where the catnip goes after you move the package.

You will want to make sure the cat is unaware of this detail.

They should not be walking with you when you are putting the catnip away. They will pay attention to this.

how far can cats smell catnip

4. Use Catnip Toys

How are you going to be giving the catnip to the cat?

This is a unique detail to think about and it does matter.

A lot of people are going to have a small container that has some catnip in it. They will take out a little bit and present it to the cat.

Yes, this will work but it is not the only option you are going to have and it might become difficult to store it when you are done.

In general, you want to take a look at catnip toys.

These toys are going to have some catnip in them and that will be more than enough to work on the cat.

Final Thoughts

How far can cats smell catnip?

Cats can smell catnip from up to four miles away depending on the environment. It is common for cats to have strong noses and they will pick up on these scents. It’s recommended to store catnip in a sealed container and as high off the ground as possible to ensure the cat does not get to it.

This is all about making sure the cat is unaware of where the catnip stash is at home.

Don’t assume the cat is going to be unaware. They can smell the catnip and it is going to entice them.

At home, it is easy for the cat to pick up on these details when they are looking to enjoy catnip.

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