Dog Won’t Sit On Bottom! (Solved)

When a dog won’t sit, this will become an alarming issue.

It’s one thing for a dog to not be trained and another for a dog to start acting like this suddenly. You will need to address both situations whether this has just happened or it is something that has been prolonged.

If a dog won’t sit on its bottom, this is a real problem.

If a dog won’t sit on its bottom, check the dog’s bottom for debris and/or a potential medical issue. Next, create a softer sitting surface (i.e. blankets, cushions) and see if the dog has confidence issues.

It’s possible a dog is simply lacking confidence, which causes it to not want to sit. It will continue to create issues and display a lack of confidence in everything it does.

Here are a few tips on what to do if a dog won’t sit on its bottom.

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How To Help A Dog That Won’t Sit On Bottom

1. Check The Dog’s Bottom

If a dog has something hanging out of his bum, this is a serious medical issue that has to be addressed by a qualified vet.

You will not want to wait for a second longer.

The dog will be in serious discomfort and/or pain and it’s best to address it as soon as possible. This could be a health risk.

It is also possible there is something stuck to the dog’s bum. For example, it could be a needle or something that is poking the dog as soon as it applies pressure to the bottom.

This is important if a dog acts like it hurts to sit.

There might be something stuck to the dog’s fur causing it pain. You will want to remove the debris and make sure the dog’s bottom is clean.

dog won't sit on bottom

2. Create A “Softer” Surface

If there is nothing wrong with the dog’s physical well-being, it’s time to start looking at other issues that can lead to this type of behavior.

The first detail will be the surface it is sitting on.

Is there a specific spot where the dog does not want to sit on its bottom? This might be the crate or it might be where it sleeps.

If that is the case, you might want to create a softer spot for the dog to sit in. This can be done with the use of pillows and/or blankets depending on what is available to you.

Sometimes, a dog doesn’t want to sit on a harder surface and might find it to be unpleasant.

3. Look For Confidence Issues

If a dog is hesitant to sit down, it might be dealing with a lack of confidence.

Yes, this can be a problem and you will notice it in other situations too. The dog is going to refuse to sit even when it is at home.

This happens because the dog does not trust its surroundings and is hyper-aware of everything. This includes sounds, sights, and everything in between.

You will want to put the dog at ease and not crowd it. This is going to let it relax and find a spot to sit or lie down.

dog won't sit on bottom

4. Train The Dog

Have you taken the time to re-train or train the dog?

It’s possible a dog doesn’t want to sit down because it is not trained to do so. This means if you tell the dog to sit, it won’t.

This requires training.

You will want to use treats to work on the dog’s ability to sit on command. This will take a bit of time but it’s a good command to work on due to how often you will use it.

Some dogs can be fussy and might not want to sit on command. If you work on it, they will eventually pick up on this command.

Final Thoughts

These are the main reasons a dog won’t sit on its bottom and what you should be doing about it as soon as you can.

If a dog won’t sit on its bottom, it’s best to check for a potential medical issue and/or something stuck to its bottom causing discomfort. Next, create a softer surface for the dog to sit on using blankets and/or pillows while also working on the dog’s confidence issues.

Some dogs don’t want to sit because they lack confidence. They don’t feel safe in the space they are in and that makes them want to walk around or stand up.

Be patient and make sure there is no medical issue that is causing this type of discomfort. As long as you do this, the dog will stay healthy.

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