Dog Stops Walking And Won’t Move! (Solved)

When a dog stops walking and lays down, you are going to be upset. You will want to continue walking and making sure the dog is getting its exercise when that doesn’t always happen.

It’s important to be aware of what’s happening and how to keep the dog happy.

You will also want to make sure there is no underlying medical concern that is causing the dog to stop walking suddenly.

If a dog stops walking and won’t move, find a safe space for the dog to walk in such as a backyard or somewhere around the house. It’s also recommended to avoid traffic or too much noise while working on building the dog’s confidence.

Some dogs lack confidence and this makes it hard for them to venture out. They will want to stay at home and/or avoid situations where there is too much going on. This stimulates them to the point they get tired.

Here are a few things to address when a dog stops walking and won’t move.

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How To Help A Dog That Stops Walking And Won’t Move

1. Find A “Safe” Space For The Dog To Walk In

If a dog refuses to walk and sits down, you might have a situation where it is overstimulated by its surroundings.

This does happen.

It is common for dogs to do this when they are not used to a lot of cars or don’t like having to deal with too many “threats” on a walk. This is going to make them tired.

You will want to look to slow things down and find a spot that is safe for the dog. This is a space where the dog can only focus on walking.

A good example of this would be your backyard at home.

This is a safe space for the dog and it will include a fence while having all of the familiar scents the dog is used to.

dog stops walking and won't move

2. Avoid Traffic And Too Much Noise

This is going to go hand-in-hand with the previous tip.

You want to make sure to avoid spaces where a lot is going on. This is something the dog is going to be aware of and they are not going to like it.

This can include cars, bikes, people walking, and/or anything else that is happening in the area at that moment.

You want to find a spot that is open and is not going to be overwhelming for the dog. A good example of this would be a quiet park in the area.

3. Take Breaks

If a senior dog stops walking and won’t move, this might be a sign it is getting fatigued.

Yes, this does happen.

Older dogs tend to get tired easily and are not going to be up for long walks. They need time to relax on the walk and that is what you have to account for.

Take breaks as that is going to let the dog ease into the walk without getting tired to the point it gives up.

When dog owners are not taking breaks, they are going to exhaust the dog to the point it does not want to move. This is a bad sign and it means you are overdoing things.

dog stops walking and won't move

4. Build The Dog’s Confidence

Is the dog confident when it is out and about?

If a dog wants to go home during a walk, this is often a sign it lacks confidence. It does not want to be there and that is the reason it is behaving as it is.

You are going to want to work on building the dog’s confidence as much as you can.

This can include training the dog and walking in safe spaces around the house. This will let the dog know that it is okay to walk and it does not need to fear anything during the process.

Final Thoughts

This is how to help a dog that stops walking and won’t move.

If a dog stops walking and won’t move, it’s best to see if the dog is dealing with a medical issue. If not, find a safer space for the dog to walk in without sounds or too many people. A good example can be the backyard. It’s also ideal to take breaks during the walk and make sure to build the dog’s confidence.

This will take time but it is a good investment in the dog’s mental well-being.

If a dog is always scared, this is going to seep into everything it does. This is not good for how it ages and how good it feels daily.

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