Should You Put A Dog Crate In The Bedroom Or Living Room? (Solved)

Dog crates are a good investment but you also need to know how to use them.

A lot of dog owners do invest in dog crates but then misuse them. This is the last thing you are going to want as it will lead to major concerns about how the crate will turn out.

It’s essential to take your time and make sure you are finding the right spot for the dog crate at home. This includes asking, should you put the dog crate in the bedroom or living room?

It’s best to put a dog crate in a quiet part of the house that’s comfortable and easy to rest in. Overstimulating is a real concern and it can happen in high-traffic areas. Choose a room that’s quieter, more comfortable, and will allow the dog to sleep without trouble.

This criterion will make it easier to find the best spot for a dog crate based on your home’s layout.

What might work for others is not always going to work for you. Some will prefer to put the dog crate in the bedroom while others are going to set it up in the living room.

Here are tips that will make it easier to find the right spot for a dog crate at home.

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How To Find The Right Spot For A Dog Crate At Home

1. Choose The Quieter Room

Let’s begin with the most important tip.

You have to look at which part of the house is going to be quieter during a 24-hour period. This includes at night when the dog needs to sleep in the crate.

You can’t have a situation where it’s too noisy around the clock near the crate. This will not let the dog sleep and it will get overstimulated right away.

Whether this is the bedroom or the living room, choose the quieter part of the house. This will go a long way in keeping the dog healthy.

dog crate in bedroom or living room

2. Comfort Comes First

It’s important to think about what’s comfortable for the dog.

A good example would be putting the dog crate in a hot part of the house that is going to be uncomfortable over time. The dog has fur and will heat up quickly.

Do not let this happen.

Not only should you choose the right room for the dog crate but also make sure it is cozy during the day.

Think about how the dog is going to feel in the crate whether it’s cold or hot outside. This is what matters when choosing the right room for a dog crate.

3. Don’t Keep The Dog Away From Everyone

The crate placement for dogs is going to come down to socialization too.

You do not want to seclude the dog from everything.

For example, if you want to socialize the dog, it should not be holed up in a room where no one goes. This is not good for the dog and will make it feel imprisoned.

You have to keep the dog close to people but also make sure they are getting the time to relax in the crate.

There is a balance to be had and sometimes one room is going to do this better than others.

dog crate in bedroom or living room

4. Consider Accessibility Too

When figuring out where to put the dog crate in the house, you need to think about yourself too.

Which part of the house is more accessible during the day?

For most people, it is easier to get to the living room but for others, it will be the bedroom. Since you do need to keep an eye on the dog, it is best to have it in a part of the house that is accessible.

It should not take a long time to get to the room where the dog crate is. This can become a safety risk for the dog too.

Final Thoughts

Should you put a dog crate in the bedroom or living room?

It is best to put a dog crate in a room that is quieter, safer, and more comfortable. This means less noise, not as much foot traffic, and the crate will remain accessible for the dog owner. This can be the living room in some homes or the bedroom depending on the layout.

It’s best to choose what works for your home.

Some people will start by putting the dog crate in the bedroom and then move it into the living room as the dog grows older.

This is up to you and it is all about adapting to what the dog needs.

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