Do Dogs Need Blankets In Crate? (Explained)

When you are thinking about setting up a crate for a dog, you will want to equip it with the right materials.

Each dog is unique as to what they are going to like to rest with and what is going to make them comfortable.

The one thing that will make you think is the blanket. You will want to ask, do dogs need blankets in crate?

Dogs do not need blankets in a crate. This is not ideal for them as the dog will begin chewing on the blanket and could end up eating it. This is unsafe for the dog and could lead to major digestive issues.

It is common for dogs to do this to the blanket as they are cramped in a tighter space and this becomes a reality with puppies.

They have more energy and will take it out on the blanket in the dog crate.

This article is going to explain some of the reasons to not put a blanket in a dog crate.

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Reasons To Not Put Blankets In Dog Crate

1. Dog Will Chew Them

You have to start with the basics.

You cannot have a situation where the dog is going to start chewing the blanket in the crate. This is dangerous and it is not good for the dog to be put in a situation where this is a possibility.

You will want to stay patient and make sure you are not creating a situation where the dog continues to chew the blanket without caring about what’s going on.

You have to be responsible and avoid putting items such as blankets in the dog crate.

If you are going to use a blanket, it should be used outside the crate. Inside the crate, it is not useful for the dog nor is it going to add value to their time in the crate.

If you notice a dog chewing on a blanket, you will want to take it away from them as soon as you can.

2. Dog Might Eat The Bits Of The Blanket

You have to realize dogs are going to be cramped in a tighter space when they’re in the dog crate.

This means they will begin to pay attention to the items that are around them and this can include a blanket.

When they are in contact with the blanket, they are going to be more prone to biting into them. This is not just about taking a bite but also wanting to swallow the blanket in a dog crate.

They will have more time to do this in the crate and that’s when it becomes unsafe.

3. Can Stress Out The Dog

You will want to take the time to think about the value you’re adding to the dog crate by having a blanket in there.

Is it worth it?

No, it is not worth putting a blanket in a dog crate because it will likely have the opposite effect of what you are intending. The dog is going to begin to take their stress out on the blanket and it will make the space even tighter.

You will want to avoid doing this.

It’s best to make sure you are keeping the dog well-fed and they are getting time to rest. This is more important than a blanket.

4. No Tangible Value For The Dog

You will want to take the time to think about the value you are getting with something like this and how it will play out as time goes on.

You don’t want a situation where there is no tangible value for the dog.

Blankets look like a good idea but they are not going to do much for the dog in the crate. They are likely going to be warm regardless and they are not going to use the blanket as you intend them to.

Final Thoughts

Do dogs need blankets in crate?

Dogs do not need blankets in the crate. It is likely the dog is going to chew on the blanket and then take out bits before swallowing them. This is dangerous for the dog’s digestive health and can lead to major health concerns.

You will want to avoid putting something in the dog crate that can be dangerous. This is one of those items.

You will want to be patient and make sure you are only going with a solution that’s healthy.

This is where the blanket is not going to come into play.

Equip the crate with items that are safe for the dog as that is the only way to go.

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